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    BB code is disabled for me.

    BBCode seems to be on now... I didn't do anything.
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    BB code is disabled for me.

    Re: ***Why TFP was down today and what you need to know*** I see the same thing. Only two options, nothing about bbcode. This is what happens when I use bbcode tags: This text is between bold tags. If you want I can send screenshots to your email.
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    BB code is disabled for me.

    Re: ***Why TFP was down today and what you need to know*** Nope, problem not fixed. I have these two boxes only: Do not automatically parse URLs Notify me when a reply is posted There is no box related to bbcode at all... When I edit, same deal. In pm's, bbcode works (or at least it says...
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    BB code is disabled for me.

    Re: ***Why TFP was down today and what you need to know*** Thanks for the suggestion Joyce... I tried the edit, and it still says "BBCode OFF" and there is no option to turn it on... unless I'm missing something obvious. I did confirm that my profile has BBCode enabled by default.
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    BB code is disabled for me.

    EDIT - This does not belong in The News - moved to Technical Issues I did not deliberately turn off bbcode, nor do I see a button/checkbox to do so (or to turn it back on). Odd. It does say BBCode is OFF in the bottom left of the post area, but I can't see how to turn it on. I know I had it...
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    ***Why TFP was down today and what you need to know***

    "It seems like everyone always recommends their current host." I'll go against that trend. One of my sites is hosted on dot5hosting. I definitely wouldn't recommend them. Their mysql database slowed to a crawl (a php3bb page would take 10+ minutes to load), and the best their customer...
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    Lets hear your pool critter stories.

    Wow, best I can come up with is a salamander and a few dead frogs. Not that I'm wishing for more critters...
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    Whats a more efficient way to run a SWG cell

    I find that I have to continually adjust my SWG. I have an ecomatic, and the settings allow me to set any percentage between 0 and 100 on a dial. I have found so far this year that 10-30% works well, depending on sun levels. This maintains my level around 6 ppm usually. The key though is...
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    Whats a more efficient way to run a SWG cell

    What's your cyanuric acid level at? I'm surprised you have to push the SWG that hard, but maybe it's because you are in Houston, and I'm in New England... Also I run my pump 12 hours/day usually. I like to have it running when people are in the pool. I think it's better to run it during the...
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    To use, or not to use, Potassium Monopersulfate (MPS)?

    I don't think that the KMPS will really screw anything up for you. However, just use bleach. I use KMPS sometimes in the spa to verify presence of a bromine bank (bleach cannot do that), but in an outdoor pool, bleach is best for shocking. I wouldn't worry about it though. I don't think you...
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    A few questions

    You have to be adaptive in the way you add stuff to your pool. In other words, test and base the amount of bleach (or other things) you add on the results of the test. The amount of each chemical I add daily varies a lot. I don't always know why. Sun and bather load affect things, as do...
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    What do you reckon on these results?

    My pool also trends up in pH and I often have to add acid. However, that is with the SWG going. All the outgassing of carbonate may be increasing your pH, although you shouldn't see much outgassing at a pH of 8.0 with a TA of 80. The chloride ions generally accumulate in the pool (like when...
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    Raising the alkalinity in pool?

    It should definitely register by 24 hours. Total alkalinity is increased generally with sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda (sold by pool stores as alkalinity up). It is usually fine granules that dissolve almost instantly when you put them in the water. I wouldn't trust the test strips too...
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    question on aerating the pool to raise pH

    I'm not sure how much effect it will have. You can purchase these fountain thingies that go in your pool and they do a great job aerating. I have also lowered my TA in the past by adding acid without aeration. I just dropped the pH down to 7.0ish (not lower than 7.2 if you have vinyl... which...
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    Whats a more efficient way to run a SWG cell

    Yeah, definitely agree on the point that constant sanitation is important. I run my pump during the day, so my SWG runs then too, since that is when I'm most likely to be losing chlorine. This way it helps maintain a steady state (ideally) with the amount of chlorine lost to the sun being...