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    Some animal poops on my top step.

    What a memorable story! Your family will be telling that one around the campfire for years!!!😂😂😂
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    Recurring Metal Staining

    Hi Maddie, Thank you for your comments! My plaster is staining, likely it’s iron. Pool store test been showing 0.1 iron and iron is primary component of exhaust and road grit. Plus the vit. C test makes it obvious🥴. Also, my pH keeps going from 7.5 to 7.9 in 3 days or less, so adding MA 2-3...
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    Recurring Metal Staining

    Metal Staining is returning mid August, 3-4 months after the May AA treatment. I knew this would happen. I’m going to have to accept that an annual AA treatment is necessary. Here is why: Iron and other metals are found in gas and Diesel engine exhaust, as well as in road grit...
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    White flakes from SWG

    Oh yikes! Thank you for that!!! I appreciate all your help on this!!! Have a great weekend!!!
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    White flakes from SWG

    Ok thank you very much! I’ll keep an eye on the swg plates! Do you think if I keep vacuuming the flakes out my Calcium ppm might decrease a little?
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    White flakes from SWG

    My calcium today was 520. Been adding fill water due to hot days. And I hadn’t vacuumed since late June so there was a lot of the sludge. I put acid on the sludge and it fizzed like alka seltzer. If I’m within good csi range, are flakes something to be concerned about chemistry-wise? Or is...
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    White flakes from SWG

    I use the k-1005 kit for DPD chlorine and pH and Total Alkalinity and sometimes for calcium and CYA. CYA is hard for me to read so I go to Leslie’s for their tests and make sure mine are similar. I got a separate kit k-1106 for phosphates. Plus I have both chemistry booklets from Taylor...
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    White flakes from SWG

    Posting new thread per @mguzzy: My csi has been within optimal range and I am getting white flakes out of my returns, as generated by SWG. Pool store states calcium hardness at about 440 or so. My fill water is about 200-250 if memory is correct. Replacing evaporation loss always adds more CA...
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    What I thought were old iron stains on my cartridge filters, is iron my water!

    Hello @mguzzy! I’ve been following your thread along during my own iron stain and AA experience. I examined my black sequestered flakes and removed them by battery operated vacuum. I opened the filter bag and saw that it looked like the (1) usual black silty dirt I always get on my patio. I...
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    TA and the App

    Ok thank you
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    TA and the App

    That is helpful, thank you. My concern is that elsewhere in the forum it was stated that metals will stain plaster at high FC and high pH so I want to avoid that.