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    Privacy Screens?

    Not sure if you want it completely blocked off or what, but you could try hanging some of that expandable vine stuff up there.
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    New member- Finalizing PB for new pool & spa in Tampa, FL

    I'm pretty new to all of this, but at that price tag I would be making sure of the exact model numbers of the equipment items they are proposing. You should be getting a variable speed pump and make sure your salt cell is at least 2x the size of your pool. I would also want to increase the...
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    Rust stains?

    I think Texas Splash nailed it on the sediment comment. We just "finished" up our pool, but had streaking/staining similar to what I think you're showing. It didn't show up until the first big rain. The plaster should seal all that up.
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    New Pool Build in DFW

    I was just in the same situation as you. My PB had received our filter and lights, but not the pump or controls. I actually drove over to Allen to pick up two pumps at Leslie's last week and everything has now been hard wired in with electrical breakers an no automation (to be added later). I'm...
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    New Pool - East Texas

    I discovered what I hope is a little hiccup in the build process today. I was taking a closer look at the plumbing while we continue to wait for our day for gunite and noticed the return plumbing is all 1-1/2" out in the pool. I have sent a message to the builder, but of course want to hear from...
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    New Pool - East Texas

    Nah, that would have been nice for us, but we asked for the change when we were doing all the swapping of equipment and stuff before signing the contract. The extra 1' dig was itemized as an extra $375. Although, it could have been just a good number to use since in the end the total price...
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    New Pool - East Texas

    Dig was completed Friday. Ended up going to 7' deep. Steel and plumbing crew are working today. Not looking forward to waiting on the next steps.
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    New Pool - East Texas

    Thanks for tips, JJ_Tex and Callalilly41. Now we are waiting on city permit and HOA approval. We did decide to add another light and we removed the bench in the shallow end. We are also getting the Intellicenter with IC60 and we will purchase a robot vacuum as suggested. The booster pump was...
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    New Pool - East Texas

    Long time lurker, first time poster! I feel like I've learned a lot from reading here, so thank you for that! This will be our first pool we have owned. This post may be a bit premature, too. We have received bids from six different builders and feel like this is the design and builder we will...
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