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    Behavior when typing new paragraph in Safari iOS 14.4

    Actually, it’s a Xenforo issue who will point the blame towards Froala, the company who’s supplied the code for the editor on the software. I’ve known about and am hopeful XenForo fixes the bug in our next major update……but I’m not entirely hopeful.
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    Re-thinking closing pool next winter?

    One of the largest suggestions that I’ve said many times would be to simply learn your equipment. Do this over the Summer, you’ll enjoy it ALOT more than doing it a week before a major storm. Having the knowledge of how to close your pool will allow you to quickly close it in case of poor...
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    If liquid chlorine freezes then thaws, does it lose effectiveness?

    While you should be fine, I'd avoid buying a large amount of it. As explained in this post the freezing point of bleach isn't far from what your area saw this last week. I personally suspect buying a few gallons will be just fine, but I wouldn't stock-up just yet.
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    Dallas plumbing repair suggestions

    Check out Craigslist or Facebook as neither of those look like they’re difficult fixes. I suspect there’s some general handyman in the area that could fix that in an hour or so. Unlike so many pool build we’ve seen in the past it appears the builders left you extra plumbing which in your case...
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    Urgent help due to crack!! Take a look at this page, do any of those look like the part?
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    How to deal with a frozen pool

    While it’s a very poor article as a whole, it’s a start. We’ll take Marty’s response and catalog it for future use. Additionally in time we’ll add to this article as I can see where it’s beneficial for users to have this sort of thing noted. 👍 Additionally, Thanks for Supporting TFP...
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    Restarting Pool after Ice & Snow In this guide we’ve included a few tips to help you out. There’s no need to rush things as there’s a possibility you may have ice in places you can’t see. Let everything thaw naturally, your pools gonna...
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    How to deal with a frozen pool

    As the days go on I do hope to expand this thread into some additional tools so that in the future were better prepared. How we’ll do that, who knows. I wanted to get the info out there to members who are unprepared to deal with the skating rink in their back yard and who’s eager to see what...
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    How to deal with a frozen pool

    Good addition!!! Good catch!!!
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    How to deal with a frozen pool

    Well Texas, that was fun wasn’t it? While there’s still some poor weather down south, things are looking up. We’ve noticed over the last few days many of yinz down south aren’t used to what we up north call “Winter.” We’ve compiled a list of some very simple tips and tricks to help you out as...
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    Any risk in running pump in 10 degree weather without a heater?

    Do you have an old pool noodle? If so, tear it up into long strips and shove them into the skimmer.
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    Few days of below freezing temp. What to do?

    The goal wouldn't be to avoid the would be for responders to have a quick "one stop" answer plus an article we can send out via email
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    Few days of below freezing temp. What to do?

    This statement goes for all who reads this, If you do take photos of items like removing drain plugs, placing noodles into your skimmer, or whatever you’ve had to do during this “trial by fire” please…..send them to me. There’s no doubt in my mind we’ll be able to use them in the near future.
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    Few days of below freezing temp. What to do?

    A few random thoughts, One of the worst things to do when there’s problems is to rush things. Going slow allows you to avoid simply making things worse. Once your pad is drained the best route is to walk away. Next is the idea of a “one stop guide.” I can tell you, the idea has crossed my mind...
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    Few days of below freezing temp. What to do?

    Odds say the surface of your pool will be safe. Every year our pool up in Ohio sees several months where the surface is several inches of ice, and no damage. You’ll be fine I’m sure for the week. Personally my main worry would be the equipment. With the drain plugs open I suspect the water will...