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    A sad day at our house-bye bye pool :(

    That would be a snap to setup. The hard part would be getting her to carry her cell phone along the way.😂😂😉
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    Problems with TFTest 🤫 🤫 🤫 🤫
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    Suggestion - Put Prev & Next at Top of Page too

    I’ve got a list of about 30 changes that are either coming up or that I’m looking into implementing. I’ll peak at this and make it 31. 👍
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    No Emails When Supporting or Store Ordering

    Starting a PM with you now 👍
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    New to the site

    Welcome to TFP!!!!
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    Recommendations for cover weight

    Have you looked at maybe using a leaf net? This way leaves will be reduced but water and so forth will still go through.
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    2020 Bingo

    Lights stay ON @YippeeSkippy for sure until after Ephiphany!! Then I rush to take them down before the poles freeze SOLID into the ground, normally in late Jan. and look at what this discussion did to me Maddie, went to the lights. 😂 They opened last night and we said forget it and went early...
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    Advice on Testing for the Colorblind

    This video is from the TF-100 Give it a watch to see the color changes. All you’re really gonna see is a close-up of the test itself, so hopefully that’ll give you a good idea how it’ll work for you.
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    2020 Bingo

    You’ve never hung lights in late November when its 20° outside. Talk about a horrid experience. 🤬 My gut says I’ll be hanging ours next week as the weather looks like it’ll be in the 60’s
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    2020 Bingo

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    Advice on Testing for the Colorblind

    first and foremost, WELCOME TO TFP! Now, if I may ask a question @Gunner02 , Which videos did you watch online? Did you watch the ones from TfTestkit?
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    Help balancing pool chemistry post-replastering

    Do NOT add 50 pounds of Cal-Hypo! Note that will also increase your chlorine level to around 100ppm. Take a look at this article as well,
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    Should there be water inside skimmer during winter freeze?

    If you’re out there bored one day, go for it. If you forget......don’t worry about it. Sounds like things were closed well and I’d suspect you’ll be fine.
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    Should there be water inside skimmer during winter freeze?

    It’s normal to have water find it’s way. The bottles (or pool noodles which are also used at times) are there to allow the water room to freeze and expand without crushing the skimmer itself.
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    Extreme Phosphate Milk Filled Pool

    I suspect that the cloudy water was caused by the phosphate remover reacting to the phosphates and will get filtered out in a few more days. This is a negative of phosphate removers of almost any kind and should have been openly disclosed to you by the pool store. In the future you can easily...