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    Anyone run a solar pool pump?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Parallel with check valves sounds like the right path. Not sure what/if regarding the long term payoff. Figure 300 watts @ 8hrs a day for the VS pump, and then the salt water generator (unknown, 40-100watts?), but it will be a nice little project to keep me busy.
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    Anyone run a solar pool pump?

    Taking a look at this unit, reviews are OK. With my 20k pool, with filter, and salt water system, this pump claims 136GPM, and I was thinking of installing this in series with my existing variable speed pump for those overcast days. Any thoughts? I easily have room for 8x250w panels...
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    Fiberglass Heater Cover (Top)

    The top of my heater has aged to the point I cannot touch it without getting a lot of thorny fibers imbedded in my skin. Heater is fine. Curious what others have done to remedy this. I am thinking of sanding it lightly (with mask) and spray high temp engine paint - grey. Thoughts? Thank you for...
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    Can someone identify this diving board

    Hello, I noticed a few small cracks on the board and for peace of mind wanted to replace this. I would appreciate if someone could assist identifying it.Are boards drop in or do they require drilling and fitting? Thank you.
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    Kill the Frog? And t-cell placement?

    I just picked up the Hayward 40k setup since it was on sale for $1099. As you can see in the pics, my setup plumbing is a little tight and would be installed on the pool outlet only, before the Frog mineral cycler. Before cutting and gluing, I wanted to get some input...
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    What is the difference between the Hayward W3AQ and GLX-CTL-RITE?

    For what its worth, the W3AQR15 40k system is on sale for $1099, about $300 off, on Amazon. Just bought one. Now I need to determine how much salt to purchase.
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    Buying a Dolphin M600 today... any comparisons to Nautilus CC Supreme?

    Any recommendation on the 'best' robotic pool cleaner? I seen so many options, and have looked at several YT videos. I do have a GFCI outlet not too far from the pool. App support would be nice, but more important would be effectiveness. Budget of under $1k would be great but willing to stretch...
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    Pool coping chipping, can I seal it?

    I recently purchased a home with a nice-to me-pool. Only mechanical issues at this time are the spa actuators only work manualy (switches) and temperature sensor (ERR), which I have ordered. However, the paver coping appears to chip fairly easily, some of which are very sharp, and I am afraid...