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    UPDATE: Incorrect Wiring? -- New Bullfrog Spa keeps tripping breaker

    I would place my money on the GFI breaker, even though it's fairly new. I just put in a new bullfrog also. My 20 year old GFI worked perfect on my old spa. I put in a new cement pad with new wires on the load end. I tested the voltage and hit hit the test button a few times and it still...
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    New here and looking for refill tablets for Frog @ Ease

    Hello, I've been lurking for a few days trying to cheat on the Frog @ Ease entrapment system. :) For 20+ years I've owned a Sundance spa. I used bromine tablets conveniently placed in the compartment of the skimmer. Weekly I would test the pH, bromine levels, minerals. My water here in...