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    How Clear is TFP Clear? Let's See (Pics Please).

    Our Wall-e does great. Only wish he’d do the sun shelf.
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    How Clear is TFP Clear? Let's See (Pics Please).

    Took over chemical duties a few weeks ago and with the help of the pool math app and people on here it’s been so far so good once I got everything balanced
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    First test low fc

    Fc 1.2 Cc 0 PH over 8 came back purple Ta 150 Ch 320 Cya 90 Salt 3600 according to aquachek, waiting for 1776 kit Pool looks clear right now with no signs of algae that I see. I have the pool math app but wanted to run the numbers by to see if it’s something I’m doing wrong possibly. I’m...
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    Trying to turn main drain on

    Got my k2006c kit ready to go when it’s time. And yes I did find a spring loaded door in between the 2 lights.
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    Trying to turn main drain on

    There’s one skimmer two drains in the deep end and two ports in the skimmer so I assume one is a vacuum. There’s only minimal chemicals and no SWG running while the plaster cures. After the pool cures they show us the equipment and how to use it but in the mean time their supposed to take of...
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    Trying to turn main drain on

    My wonderful builder is supposed to be taking care of the pool while it cures and all that stuff. They haven’t shown up for 10 days now and it’s getting green with the extra rain. I can’t seem to get the main drain on to clean some of the bottom. I’m trying to prevent any more staining like what...
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    Coping sealer stains

    I sealed my pavers and coping last night but there’s some yellowing and stains after I thought it was clean thoroughly. Is it something I did wrong. Anyway what’s the best way to get the stains out and prevent it from happening again. Thank you
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    Pool not to contract depth

    I didn’t want to make another topic page but I’m not sure if we’re being too hard on the PB or not. Anyway I get an email saying they’ll start backfill the week of March 29th so at least another month before they backfill and another month for deck screen and etc. So it will be May at least...