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    Vinyl Liner Pattern Roundup Project - Post Pic & Name Of Your Liner

    Latham Gold Pebble is an amazing liner. In direct sun its a light teal that sparkles, and overcast the water is pretty dark teal. I have gold pebble without a border and I love it!
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    Vinyl Liner Pattern Roundup Project - Post Pic & Name Of Your Liner

    I have the same liner with no border and it is my favorite thing about my pool! Yours looks great by the way!
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    New build cost Wichita KS area

    I'm in SE Wichita, and just paid about 33k for a 16x32 vinyl pool, 8' deep, approx 650sf of concrete. I installed SWG and deck jets on my own, I also contracted out sprinkler, dirt work, electrical, and sod with other contractors. All in I was about 39k-40k. Paradise Pools is who I used. He was...
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    Pump Scare

    I had something similar when installing my Hayward VS pump. I found that the small 5 wire connection from the pump circuit board to the display circuit board had a loose connection. Drove me and the electrician doing the wiring install crazy. We tried a different CB, checked continuity on the...
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    Deck Jets

    In theory, if they are on an equalization loop they shouldn't need their own valves as pressure should be the same to each jet. For individual control you would either need home runs for each jet to the return pad, or a valve tee'd off of a supply line near each valve. If you have individual...
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    Deck Jets

    Without posting a link, the ones I purchased from amazon were titled "4 Pack Swimming Pool Spa Fountain Deck Jet Water Fall Stream Feature ARC Waterfall" So far so good with them, but I don't use them a ton as it can drive up the PH and they can be a little loud. It was mostly just a fun add on...
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    Deck Jets

    Some food for thought. My deck on one side is only 4 feet, so I installed my own deck jets outside of the concrete in case I ever had issues with them. Before concrete was poured, I ran my own pvc from the equipment pad to outside the deck area, and then ran the line in its own trench. Once I...
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    Thank you that's a great point! The trellis has some small Clematis right now but will fill in eventually. The overhead cables are the start to a retractable shade that i'm still working on, but im not sure if it will work out or not. I hadn't thought of growing anything vining on them! That...
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    I've been on here for a while, just finally registered last year, but have been reading articles here for what seems like an eternity. Just wanted to say thank you to all the ridiculously smart people on here! I started my pool construction last October and it was finally completed in May of...
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    Looking for a deeper turquoise (NOT blue) water color. Liner?? HELP??

    I went with Gold Pebble and no border. Water is blue/gray when overcast, and beautiful turquoise in the sun!
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    Testing buried wires??

    Oh it will still work for live wires, it's just not the preferred method. :cool:
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    Main drain or no main drain....that is the question

    I'm on the other side of the fence myself. Having received torrential rains this season, I've enjoyed having the ability to lower my pool for significant storms and not worry about overflowing in the middle of the night, regardless of water height at the skimmer. That being said, it does add...
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    Finally dried out enough to finish the pool

    I have the same liner with no border! I love the water color in the sunlight, and you still get the nice blue hues as well.
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    Concrete help - driveway drooping and flooded

    Sorry for the late reply. A friend of mine had a driveway that looked similar to yours and he hired a company to come out that specializes in mudjacking. Basically they drilled a bunch of holes through the concrete and injected a mortar underneath to lift the driveway back in place and give it...
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    New IG - Salt System or leave only Chlorine?

    Go with the SWCG. I cant imagine not having mine now that its running.