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    Losing Pressure When Attaching manual vacuum hose

    If it is what I'm thinking, the problem lies with your Plunger Valves on the outside of the pool where your return line goes to your pump. Some of these had a vacuum release valve on them that open when too much pressure is applied. I had the same problem of losing pressure and it drove me mad...
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    Seeking recommendations for inline vs offline clorinators for an AGP

    Hello Rattus, I took your advice and bought the Pentair Rainbow 320. I noticed in the paperwork that they recommend a "corrosion resistant check valve" which of course did not come with it. Can I use one from somewhere like Lowe's or Ace, or does this need to be some super duty type check valve...
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    Any recommendations for ABG pool base?

    I built a concrete curb (8" x 14' x26') laround mine (12' x 24') and filled with a fine/playground grade sand and it has worked great. The concrete firmly supports the legs for the pool, and the sand is super comfortable on your feet Natural effects such as rain and runoff can and will erode...
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    Mesh or regular winter cover for Intex Ultra Frame?

    Is your pool free standing or does it have a deck around it? I built a nice deck around mine and found a great company that makes wonderful covers that keep 99% of stuff out of my pool during the fall/winter months.
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    Seeking recommendations for inline vs offline clorinators for an AGP

    Well I am happily amazed at this information. I guess that old adage about how one should not "assume" fits this case well. Again, a big Thank You to all who have instructed me on something I was not aware of. I may need to rethink my entire system here. But just to get me through the winter...
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    Seeking recommendations for inline vs offline clorinators for an AGP

    Thank you for that information. I have had reservations about using anything with salt due to concerns about it rusting the metal frame work around the pool. Have you heard of anyone on here having any issues with their frame work rusting using salt equipment?
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    Seeking recommendations for inline vs offline clorinators for an AGP

    Greetings All, I have been searching for advice/recommendations on chlorinators for my AGP. I currently have a 12'x24'x52" Intex with a Sand Filter pump. Due to the location of my pool, I need to have a cover during fall and winter months that make it hard for me to add chlorine pucks(I've...
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    Newbie from Texas.

    Thank you kindly Woody!
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    Troubled intex pool owner

    I have had the same problem. I also had cross threaded/over tightened the plunger valve, and had continuous air getting in my intake line. I have searched far and wide for replacement plunger valves with this vacuum release valve, but have been unable to find them. I have spoken to several...
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    Howdy y'all! New pool owners from Texas

    Welcome to Texas! Having a pool is one good way to adapt to the heat down here, for sure. Just curious, what part of Spring are you'se guys(lol) living in? I grew up off Rayford Rd. back in the 70's.
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    Newbie from Texas.

    Hi Folks, I look forward to exploring your sight and I hope I can offer some helpful hints, as well as learn some from all of you. I decided to give up on "The" after waiting for over 4 1/2 years to get approval to post any questions,and was only allowed to view a small amount of...