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    Is the control box for my Dolphin waterproof?

    I just took my controller apart as it was exposed to water. There is NO gasket whatsoever on my unit (less than a year old). The way it is designed it sure looks like there is supposed to be a gasket inside. They could have easily made this more water proof with a 25 cent rubber gasket.
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    Optimum pump speed when using heater

    I have run my heater with Ecostar pump on full speed, and I haven't seen a bypass problem. I am also running a 500k BTU heater. I am no scientist, but I have to think there is some optimum speed where one achieves max efficiency of the heater and the motor. @chem geek has a good discussion...
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    Optimum pump speed when using heater

    Found another ARTICLE that says the faster speed is better. This article deals with solar, but the theory should be similar.
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    Optimum pump speed when using heater

    Are there any conclusive studies that have been done with regards to optimum speed to run a variable speed pump when trying to heat a pool or spa? If you know of any please post the link. Slower water through the heater should achieve a higher delta. However, I have no idea if that increase...
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    Omnilogic programming help

    Thank you
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    Web Configurator for Hayward Omnilogic

    I found this article / press release. Does a web configurator exist for the Omnilogic.
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    Solar Heater Overheating Pool with Jandy Controller

    MaxSmart, How much solar panels do you have? Those are some serious temps you are getting.
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    Omnilogic programming help

    I've had an omnilogic for a while. I installed everything, then the local Hayward rep came out and programmed it. I am decent with electronics and tech, but I have always found the omnilogic to be not very intuitive. The intial programming has been fine, until now I want to edit something...
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    Dolphin 30i not picking up leaves

    Thank you Jim R., Cleaned out the impeller a strip from a palm branch was wreaking havoc. Looks like its working now. After an hour most of the leaves have been sucked up.
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    Hayward's New AquaVac 650 - Filterless Robotic Cleaner

    Do some searches on here about the Aquavac 500 before you pull the trigger on a Hayward.
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    Aquavac 500 ds troubles

    I tried calling numerous Hayward Authorized Service Centers, NONE of them work on the Aquavac 500. So I was stuck going back to the original location which was 60 miles away in Los Angeles traffic (that means 90 minutes to 2.25 hours each way). I simply didn't have the time to go back and...
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    Who’s Familiar with Hayward Equipment?

    I can't say any other product is better than Hayward, as I haven't the experience, but I would not use Hayward if I were building another pool. I built a pool with all Hayward Equipment about 5 yrs ago. The Omnilogic was fairly new to the market at the time. Every item I used was their top of...
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    Dolphin 30i not picking up leaves

    A few weeks ago I purchased a Dolphin 30i. On Friday I put it in the pool. I hvae run it through at least 8 cycles since Friday. I have tried Regular, Floor only, and Ultra Clean modes. I watch it for a few minutes and it moves around the pool. I count about 15 quarter to dollar sized...
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    Hayward T-Cell and Omnilogic

    I am going to replace my T Cell 15 with a T Cell 940. This will be the first replacement since pool was built. What procedure needs to be followed with the Omnilogic? How will it know it is a new unit, does it need to know? Thank you
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    Dolphin S300i Review

    What do you mean by monolithic unit? Are parts available to consumers if a repair is needed outside of the warranty period?