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    Using 2ft GFIC extension cord

    I would be using this, plugged into my 110 inside, the unit cord would be plugged into this. So maybe I don’t need this if I’m just going to plug the unit into my outlet Sorry I’m not to smart With electrical
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    Using 2ft GFIC extension cord

    So can I just plug in my saltwater system pump into a 110 outlet that is inside a building that is not GFIC
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    Using 2ft GFIC extension cord

    My filter pump is plugged into a GFIC outlet outside of my garage. I purchased a Saltwater system, and was wondering if I can user a 2Ft GFIC extension cord to plug into. It would be plugged in inside of the garage. At this time I'm not wanting to have another GFIC outlet installed, maybe later...
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    Saltwater system doesn't work so going to adding chemicals

    So I bought hth chlorinating tablets. It says use 6 for my size pool. Is this all I need to use at the start up? I purchased the 6-way test strips and downloaded the app. I will miss my saltwater generator that's for sure, I never had to add anything.
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    Saltwater system doesn't work so going to adding chemicals

    Our salt water system will not work. The filter pump works but it shuts off after a minute on the saltwater cycle and a red service light comes on. We are going to go ahead and use the pump. Problem is we added 360 lbs of salt in the pool. Can we go ahead and add bleach, or chemicals to it?
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    Pump shuts off when SWG is on

    Intex model CEO 20110
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    Pump shuts off when SWG is on

    Filter pump works great When I set it to saltwater it runs about a minute then shuts off and red service light comes on. Any suggestions
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    New Owner, 32x16 Intex Salt Water Pool

    Have the same pool and saltwater system. The filter pump should run 24 hours to get the salt dissolved. After the 24 hours turn on the saltwater system. I do mine for 8 hours. I test weekly. Also add cyannuric acid which is a stabilizer, (it holds your chlorine) pour in into your skimmer. You...
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    where to buy parts

    Nothing is available as far as replacement parts for my index pool and pump. I even thought about a new pool etc but again nothing in stock. I wonder how long I will have to wait to get parts.
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    Using bleach when closing

    I am going to wait till my pool water is 60 before closing my pool. Need to know how much bleach to put in a index 32X16 pool? I let it up last year and it wasn't terrible but thought if I cover it this year and put bleach in it will save some time getting it clean when I open next spring. So...
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    Intex SWG shutting down after cleaning titanium electrode

    Is there a video on how to clean this cell? My book is hard to understand on how to take it apart
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    Adding stabilizers

    GREAT Idea Thanks!! - - - Updated - - - Oh can it do it while saltwater system is going or do I have to do it on filter only
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    Adding stabilizers

    If i'm going to add only a couple of cups of Stabilizer in the skimmer do I still have to let it circulate 24 house like I did when I put it in at startup? - - - Updated - - - Forgot to say it is a saltwater system
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    Would a cracked hose cause pump problems?

    Would that cause crack cause the pump filter to not fill up and have air bubbles? I have a cracked hose and I am having problems with the pump not filling up with water, I have to release air before it will work