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    What does your pool paradise look like?

    I've really enjoyed this thread - some truly spectacular backyard paradises!! We started construction on our pool towards the end of March and it's just getting finished up. We had our 1 year old grandson's first birthday party on Saturday at the pool. These are two pictures I took before the...
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    New pool - it’s up to me now

    Hello everyone. New plaster pool. Details in signature. Will be a salt pool but pool builder not turning on until maybe next week. Last weekend worked to get ph down and add some chlorine and cya. The pool builders guy added chlorine and muriatic acid to get ph down yesterday. So it’s...
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    Pool size reverse calculation

    I can’t wait to try this methodology on our pool. Fingers crossed it gets plastered tomorrow.
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    Tap Water Test

    Thanks for the great feedback folks. I really appreciate this community!
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    Tap Water Test

    Hello everyone. Been reading and lurking on the board for the past few weeks while our pool is being built. I’ll update my signature with my pool equipment very soon. 25,000+ gunite pool. All Penair equipment with SWG. All the equipment was set this week and we’re scheduled for the plaster...