New pool - it’s up to me now


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Mar 22, 2019
Lynchburg, VA
Hello everyone.
New plaster pool. Details in signature.
Will be a salt pool but pool builder not turning on until maybe next week.
Last weekend worked to get ph down and add some chlorine and cya.
The pool builders guy added chlorine and muriatic acid to get ph down yesterday.
So it’s Saturday morning and doing a full suite of tests and looking for guidance about what is the most important numbers to concentrate on to get the pool properly balanced.
Here are my test results using tf100 kit.

1.0 FC
0.5 CC
1.5 TC
100 CH
35 TA
27ish CYA

7.1 PH tested with Hach pocket pro+
84 degree pool temp.

So. Where to start?
I appreciate any and all input.


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May 3, 2014
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Chlorine -- follow the FC/CYA Chart. Use 30 ppm CYA.

Also, check the TA. You should keep it above 50 ppm or the pH can become unstable. Do not make chemistry adjustments based on the pH meter. Use the drop test to confirm what the pH meter says when doing chemistry adds.