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    VS Motor surge protection

    Would a panel mounted surge protector like HOM2175sb be enough to protect a VS pool pump or is there a better method?
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    Pump Died

    My pump had died. It was on hospice for two year so I have been planning for this day. I wanted to check with others to see if my new pump selection is appropriate? My new pump selection is based on the assumption that my original pump was sized correctly. The deceased pump is a 10 year old...
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    What kind of decking do you have? How do you like it?

    I have concrete pavers: Pros: The look awesome, They hide rust stains if pool chairs rust assuming you get darker colored pavers, They can be removed and replaced if you have plumbing problems. Cons: The are hot, hot, hot, you have to spray for weeds and ants making their home in the...
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    2 speed pump switch

    I agree it should never leak but sometimes it does and it does not give me any warning. So this switch would just be a precautionary step to protect my pump should I lose prime for some reason. Thanks for the reply
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    2 speed pump switch

    I will eventually install a 2-speed pump for my pool. Will a typical in-ground pool pump prime on low speed? If it will then below is a mute point. If it will not please keep reading. I want my new pump to run on high speed for the first 10 minutes to make sure it is primed before and...
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    Chlorine Potency

    Thanks guys, I knew someone had calculated this. Looks like I bought 7-1/2 gallons of drinking water! Is there a simple test to confirm this? I would never be able to convince this ACE Hardware of the degradation factor!
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    Chlorine Potency

    How long does it take liquid chlorine to degrade in strength? I bought some from my local Ace Hardware store and when I poured it in my pool is was clear not yellow like previous chlorine I have bought. Three hours after I added it I checked my chlorine and it did not change. My math...
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    HELP! Building Pool next to Pecan Tree - Paramount PCC 2000

    Fortunately my pecan trees are not close enough for the pecans to get in my pool but I do get the 8 to 10 sticks that shed off of the tree yearly that cause me problems. These sticks weigh less than the pecans and the wind carries them into the pool.
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    Speed Stir is worth the money!!!

    When mine quits working I will purchase another. Love it
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    Pump still loosing attached

    I had the same thing happen and tightening the screw on the band that attaches the multi-port to the tank solved my problem. Apparently there was enough gap to leak air when the system was off but not enough gap to leak water while the system was running! Just noticed yours was a Pentair, mine...
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    Liquid Chlorine from ACE Hardware

    I just got a call from the sales rep that sells to ACE Hardware. He could not believe they did not know the percentage. He indicated that it was 13% by volume and 10.5% by weight which brings up the question of, which percentage is standard? The pool store shows theirs as being 10.5%. I must...
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    Post Mistakes You Made Before TFPC

    My biggest mistake was using copper and silver ions to treat my pool. It may work for some one out there but it did not work for me. Since I went with BBB my pool has been perfect. Unfortunately I have only been able to convince one person that this site is better than the pool store...
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    Liquid Chlorine from ACE Hardware

    Just bought 5 gallons of liquid chlorine from ACE Hardware and no one working could tell me the percentage? When I asked the fellow that filled the jugs he said "it was strong". On the up side they did not try and sell me any chemicals I did not need and I did not have to drive 1 hour to the...
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    DIY Concrete / Cinder Block Spa Pool Advice

    I believe the hardest part of your job would be water proofing the block and joints. I would say yes to a poured concrete floor and no to a block floor. I do believe that you need to pour the cells of the block walls if for nothing more, piece of mind and stability because you will have return...