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    Official 2021 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Yeah - the iKamand for the KJ looks really sweet, but it almost seems like cheating. It’ll probably make it to my Christmas list this year.
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    Official 2021 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Here’s the link to his channel. It’s mostly oriented to Kamado Joe, but the techniques should apply to any kamado style. I used his orientation videos to help shorten the learning curve with my KJ - definitely helped, especially the vent settings and fire size. While it doesn’t take me an hour...
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    Official 2021 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    I just ordered the case and spools - thanks for the post! I’m on the fence about fan units. If I had the Signals device instead of Smoke, I’d do it since it’s a relatively cheap add on. I’ve also found that I have been able to get the KJ up to temp and hold it really steady fairly easily, mostly...
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    Official 2021 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Did you also get the case from Thermoworks? I’m still stuffing my Smoke back into it’s original cardboard box. It’s just about shot.
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    Outdoor kitchen - steel frame with cement backer board or cinder block construction?

    Our existing outdoor kitchen is made of cinder block from and surrounded by a thick stone. It’s virtually indestructible even after 14 years. We’re expanding the area and the 2 finalist builders have different approaches to the kitchen frame. One uses cinder block construction. This is the...
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    Official 2021 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Good old fashioned BBQ chicken. Again followed a Malcom Reed recipe, with a few deviations. Cooked at 275° for roughly 3 hours, mopping and turning every 30 minutes. I absolutely love the kamado. We’re in the middle of redesigning our outdoor kitchen and entertainment space and now I’m wondering...
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    Favorite Pool Toys?

    I really like that! Our kids are grown, but I still may get a set.
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    What's your PERFECT pool temp? What's the minimum for you to jump in?

    Mid to upper 70s is ideal for me, especially once air temps hit 90s. Realistically, my chiller will only keep water temp in the low to mid 80s during the summer, but that still feels great! I like a nice shock when I first hit the water. Before we got the chiller, our water would get to 95. Yuck.
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    where do you store your pool toys?

    We have a box about the same size as the Rubbermaid that Newdude linked to. I think it’s Suncast. It now has more pool stuff than toys since our kids are grown, but there are still some in there. It has held up really well with no leaks but no issues with musty smells or anything.
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    Shrimp or copepods in pool?

    Sea monkeys!
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    What does your pool paradise look like?

    Paradise after dark. Our pool was built 14 years ago, so we don’t have LED lights. I rarely even turn these on, but we enjoyed them last night.
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    In the process of converting to SGW and confusing chemistry

    Given the age of your pool, your salt level was probably already fairly high. Doesn’t sound like you tested for salt prior to adding. I’ve only owned a salt pool, but from what I’ve learned on this site, liquid or granular chlorine adds salt to your water. While I do all my own tests, I do let...
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    Can't Digest the Prices on Outdoor BBQ Islands

    Our plans are virtually identical. Our existing area has a circular bar height top at the end and has served us well, but since we’re adding the cover, we’re going to expand the area.