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    New Build in NE Florida (Finally)

    I had the same issue when they first pressured it up, I topped it off over the next couple days back to 40PSI. It does seem to take some time for the Air and water to equalize. I was told by an inspector that as long as it doesn't drop down to 0PSI than you should be fine. Not sure how your...
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    Tampa Pool Build (w/ Photos) - Tile & Coping Completed (07/16)

    I see this getting stretched out for another few months at the rates the subcontractors are moving. I have gotten several responses that rain has delayed them a week or so.
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    Tampa Pool Build (w/ Photos) - Tile & Coping Completed (07/16)

    Sorry it been a while. Watching this build is like watching grass grow. Its been 6 months since breaking ground. Before they could start tile and coping we needed to drain the pool due all the rain we have been getting. Last month they came out and completed the tile and coping but now we...
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    New Pool Build in Orlando, FL

    Your pool layout is very similar to our minus the spa. We are still in the process of building our so we haven't had a chance to experience the sunshelf . I attached our design of the step/sunshelf to give an idea on how we achieved the sunshelf depth we wanted. Also agree with Kat that you...
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    Tampa Pool Build (w/ Photos) - Tile & Coping Completed (07/16)

    It was installed parallel to the footer and under it directly. I think it would have been fine if it a few inches under the concrete but due to the recent rain events it uncovered the pipe which unturned failed the inspection. I guess it was a blessing in disguises to avoid future issue and...
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    Tampa Pool Build (w/ Photos) - Tile & Coping Completed (07/16)

    A little quick update after being away for so long. After about a month since we got the shell shot, the PB was able to get the plumber out here to get the piping ran partially back to the equipment pad area. The first plumber was a nightmare to get in site and getting the job even completed...