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    Question about plaster?

    I had my pool put in at the end of last year. It is a gunite construction. After they plastered my pool they began to fill it. I was told to brush it 2x a day for 2 weeks which I did. This year I had a lot of algea when I opened the pool. After repeated shocking, scrubbing ect, I got in the pool...
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    Computer testing devices?

    Thanks guys! I have ordered the TF -100 test kit, and yes I got the discount! :-D I will see how that goes I was just looking for a fast and easy way. I also have a hot tub that I need to test so having the computer system seems attractive. Plus then you can run one of the "pool programs"...
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    Computer testing devices?

    I've seen seveal different computer water testers at the different Pool stores I have been in. Many advertise the Alex or Accuscan machine from BioGuard. These plug into the USB ports and "read" the test strips. I can't find anywhere that sells these. I mean how much could it cost? 200-300...
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    CL levels and Nature 2?

    My CL levels have been low (Almost undetectable) since opening 2 weeks ago. Initially I was told my CYA was low (15) so I've added some C. Acid. then I was told my phosphates were high and was killing my CL. I added the appropriate P. Killer and now my Phosphate level is appropriate. I mentioned...
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    Help! Need an Idea here!

    Thanks guys for the complements! I think I will just see what happens this season. I do like the idea of a sculpture to put a jet in and shoot the water back in . As for the algea! Wow what a difference a day makes! water looks clear and I have a layer of gunk on the bottom that I'm going to...
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    Help! Need an Idea here!

    Well, I could really use some help here on an idea. Last year when I had my pool built, I asked for a "stub up" line to be installed. I didn't have a diving board so I was thinking about a slide in the future. The pool builder put a 1 1/2 inch line for the stub up. He enclosed it and put a...
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    Mississippi Good Ole' Boys shut out owner/builder

    Hey gal! Your definitely getting an inflated price. I live up here in NJ where everything costs more and the service you get is less! In any event, I just had my pool put in last fall and you can see from my signature, I have a fairly nice pool with some frills. (Water falls, colored lights...
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    Rob and Cate's new mess...

    Wow Looks nice! I'd also like to know who your using as it looks similar to my pool. I'm just across the river in Burlington county! good luck!
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    Best choice - durable, low-maint. attractiv mid cost decking

    I went with stamped because of the cost over pavers. Here's another choice though. You could go with a colored concrete (even less expensive than stamped) and then use a paver or a brick as a border. I've seen that before and it looks nice. For example I was quoted per square foot: 5.00 for...
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    Donald & Sarah's Pool Build 001

    ummm I can say with some certainly you are not using too much bandwidth with your post! :-D welcome aboard!
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    New Concrete Deck Cracking - Is this Normal?

    As they say there are only 2 types of concrete! Concrete that's cracked and concrete that's going to crack! That being said it shouldn't crack that quickly. some of those smaller cracks should be expected but I'd be concerned about some of the larger stuff. Looks like it was pretty wet before...
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    jumping rock?

    My pool is not a diving one but I'd like to get a "jumping rock" that the kids can jump from. nothing too big just something that about 18 inches up. I've seen some pre-fab ones but I'm not sure if they would work with my coping. Below is a pic of the white travertine I have which has a slight...
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    Rooftop Pool Builder

    Re: Rooftop Pools water weighs about 8.3lbs per gallon thus an average 40k pool would weigh 333,715 lbs! or 166.85 tons! and That's without the concrete!
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    Water loss?

    My pool was finished about 3 weeks ago. Seems I lose about 2 inches of water every other day or so. It hasn't been that hot here in NJ any ideas? I don't see any water around the pumps of coming up from the ground, like I do when I break a sprinkler line. admittedly the pool lines are deeper but...
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    Pool depth slopes

    It can be done. Just tell your pool builder you want more of a "spoon" shape than a gradual slope. My excavator asked me which I prefer since I wasn't getting a diving pool. I asked for the spoon. I only went 7 foot deep and I'm sorry I didn't go the full 8.