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    Parts Diagram or service manual for Dolphin Z5?

    Wow that's a great find! Thanks for that link! Definitely gives the low down!
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    1972 Inground Gunite Pool Remodel (Pictures)

    We used Raley's Pools, and yes we would use them again. I'll get some more pictures up of the final product.
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    Parts Diagram or service manual for Dolphin Z5?

    Thanks Tim, that is the site where I found the above diagram for the M5. Unfortunately, they didn't have anything listed for the Z5. They did seem to have the most extensive list that I've run across so far though. They may have something for the Z5 but just haven't put it on their website yet.
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    Parts Diagram or service manual for Dolphin Z5?

    Yeah unfortunately, I've already downloaded that literature, which is basically the users manual that doesn't ship with the Robot. I did an internet search myself but was unable to find anything specific the the Oasis Z5 model. - - - Updated - - - Thanks pops, that is something new I hadn't...
  5. M5 DIAGRAM.jpg

    M5 DIAGRAM.jpg

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    Parts Diagram or service manual for Dolphin Z5?

    Does anyone have a link to a valid parts diagram and parts list for the Dolphin Oasis Z5? I just purchased one and have an OCD habit of printing all the manuals and parts lists for things like this I purchase, and putting them in sheet protectors in 3 ring binders. This helps when I have issues...
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    I can vouch for Sunplay as well. I ordered a new pool light from them and I emailed them about it because I was getting concerned I hadn't heard anything from them about it shipping. Within two hours I had a detailed email reply from them, explaining the item was to be drop shipped from the...
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    my first pool party.....bad weather?! what to do...

    We used to throw two big pool parties every year, one on Memorial Day weekend and one usually after Labor Day and dubbed it "End of Summer Party". Our home is not much bigger than yours, (2200 Sq ft) and I would typically invite most of our friends. We would have cars lined up and down the...
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    Rope Lighting

    Now that is pretty cool looking! If I can get my wife to go for something like that... She's always got to be conservative...plain boring white lights.... So how waterproof are these? Have you tried them outside?
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    Planning purchasing a pool robot

    That is what I seemed to find. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking something else. Makes me feel better about spending that chunk of change!
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    Planning purchasing a pool robot

    Ah yes my bad it is the Z5. I was a bit hung over this morning posting that.
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    Coping Upgrade Cost

    That sounds high to me. We just remodeled our pool. We had Tennessee Flagstone installed for coping. Our pool had no coping to speak of previously. It was just poured concrete that was part of the whole back patio area. They had to saw the edge of our deck off and. Install the new Flagstone...
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    Guestimate on how much bleach/chlorine usage?

    Sounds good. I'll go with what I have for now.
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    Guestimate on how much bleach/chlorine usage?

    Yes new fill. You think I have plenty? This my first time doing the TF method so I have no experience to base my usage off.
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    Guestimate on how much bleach/chlorine usage?

    Thanks for the tips. I can see using much more than I figured. I bought 24 gallons of the 10% to start off. May go back and grab some of the 5.25%