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    New construction, Southern Tampa area

    below is the utube link to the video showing the guys system.
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    Pool Cleaners (robot, etc)- how long have you had yours?

    I have had my Polaris 280 for five years (this is my sixth summer with it). It has never had an issue and I would purchase a new one if it ever broke. I keep it in my pool 24 hours a day and run it three hours every day.
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    Calcium Hardness Test - Issue with New/Old Chemicals

    I always compare my results with the new chemicals each year to the results with the old ones. This year I noticed that my calcium hardness test with the new chemicals was 275 and the CH with the old chemicals was 200-225. I repeated the test by using some of the old chemicals and some of the...
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    Contracts signed on Long Island

    Autopilot has been great. It stopped working a little more than three years after installation but the cell has been installed upside down. The manual instructs that installing the cell upside down will void warranty so my pool Builder paid for a brand new cell (very expensive) on the theory...
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    Contracts signed on Long Island

    I have the Iaqualink and all Jandy equipment except I have the Autopilot. The autopilot does some things the Jandy SWG doesn’t, but in retrospect the Jandy would have been more practical because the IAqualink would let me know if the SWG has a problem, while the Autopilot can’t relay that...
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    iAqualink vs. ScreenLogic Automation Options? Which to get?

    There are three minor issues with iaqualink. First, it doesn’t allow me to set the lights to go on at sunset and off at sunrise. I have to keep changing the on/off times as the seasons come and go. Second, if I want to set something to go on every Monday or every day I can do that easily. But...
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    New build in the Garden State - NJ

    I don't agree that 90% of the people on this site actually favor a robot over a pressure side cleaner. My "grab it out of the air data" is that the same group of people tend to recommend robots while those preferring pressure side cleaners are more reticent. I also think it is a disservice to...
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    New build in the Garden State - NJ

    A 400000 BTU gas heater will cost you $3.60 an hour to run but a Heatpump will be considerably less. If you want to maintain a constant temperature the heat pump will be much better and cheaper in June-August. However, if you don’t need to maintain a constant temperature and are happy with...
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    New build in the Garden State - NJ

    I think the Jandy cartridge CL580 is a bigger filter. I would suggest that one so you may have to change the filters less. I have that one and change it only at the beginning of each swim season.
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    New build in the Garden State - NJ

    I have a pool your size and use the digital autopilot - rated for about 67000 gallons.
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    How to repair/seal gap all around the pool and cracks on deck.

    I think you want sikaflex to fill the gap between the coping and deck
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    Replies which discourage further replies

    Perhaps just PM the OP to tell him or her that you have reached out to an expert. That way the OP knows that expert help is coming and the rest of the people won’t hesitate to respond.
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    Newbie from South Jersey

    I have the Polaris 280. It’s great. I leave it in the pool all the time and it cleans the pool three hours a day. I clean its filter bag once a week. It is very easy to pull out of the pool to clean or to remove if you’re having a party. Robots need an electrical cord that you can see going...
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    Recommendations on labeling plumbing

    Could you send a link for the right one. I see Ptouch indoor and outdoor laminated ones but I’m not sure if those are the right ones