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    Used wrong plaster color

    He is not offering a discount for the project. He is offering a discount on re-doing the plaster if we choose to do so. I don't foresee us ever loving this color, especially my wife. It's very dull. Why are the alternatives to living with the color worse if I'm willing to pay to fix it? This was...
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    Used wrong plaster color

    I did do some research on the colors. The color I originally thought it was did not look the same in photos on the plaster company's website, so I kind of gave up trying to match it myself and trusted the contractor because he has been doing this for decades. I kind of feel he should have said...
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    Used wrong plaster color

    Hello, This is a fairly depressing story. I just moved to a new house and was renovating the deck and pool. When it came down to the time to choose my plaster color, I showed the contractor a photo of my old pool and told him I wanted to match that color. He named the color without...
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    Pool plaster finish colors

    Hello all, I'm currently deciding between two pool plaster colors, Florida Gem sky blue versus their double sky blue. The pool pictures on their website look practically identical. Has anyone seen what they both look like in person? Any advice? Thanks!