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    Electronic descaler

    Thanks, I thought it sounded too good.
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    Electronic descaler

    Not exactly pool related, but I figured you guys might be able to help anyway. The city water here in Seattle is generally pretty soft (CH 40 as of this afternoon although I wonder if it doesn't fluctuate), but we’ve often had tiny (mostly white) stones collect in our aerators and shower heads...
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    In-ground spa aeration (not another aeration post!)

    Boric acid won’t reduce your acid demand, but it will let you add the acid less frequently which is still a win. As a bonus, it inhibits algae growth and I think the water feels nicer. If you cannot find boric acid in Oz, check around for “Borax” in the laundry/cleaning supplies aisle of you...
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    Mesh cover... Tons of leavea

    If I watch mine on a really windy day the edges flap a little with the big gusts. You could try weighting the edges down with bags of sand or water. I just deal with it.
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    Using Dichlor for initial SLAM

    I'd give pretty good odds your salt is not nearly that high.
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    Is shocking your pool once a week really necessary?

    The pucks are also nice for vacations.No one want to come home to a green pool.
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    New pool owner, first test results... seeking advice

    Right. Just hit that algae with the pool brush once in a while to help the chlorine get at it.
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    Cloudy water

    Is there a reason you're not testing CC every time you test FC?
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    Calling Those of you without main or floor drains

    For a few bucks you can get a manual vacuum hose that plugs into the skimmer.
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    Pump that will maintain water level...

    I don't know the laws in PA or how much yard you have, but I do know that some folks have a overflow installed. It is basically a pipe in your skimmer that lets water out if it gets too high. It generally dumps into a drain field, but could go to a sump with a pump that is plumbed to the sewer...
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    Cordless pool robot

    A robot that cleans and heats the pool? I'm in!
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    The FC is probably holding because the days are getting shorter and less bright. I'd leave it alone.
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    New pool owner, old pool.. learning on the fly - Am I doing it right?

    I wouldn't replace too much water without a reliable test (i.e. not from the pool store). If your reading is that close too 100 you'll need to do a diluted test (replace half the sample with tap water and double the reading) to be sure it isn't over 100. And speaking of your kit, you can save a...
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    Pump sucking skimmer dry

    How full is the pool? If it isn't already there, try raising the water level half way up the skimmer opening.
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    Floating Liquid Chlorinator

    Some folks will (gently) drop a jug or two in the pool to slowly mix while they are vacation. I wouldn't do it for fear of bleaching and if I did I wouldn't swim while the jug was still in there. I think a stenner pump might be the nearest thing to what you're looking for.