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    How long does it take for CYA to change after adding stabilizer?

    I added 2 lbs of stabilizer into a nylon sock and put it into my skimmer basket 2 days ago. Today I checked on it and it’s nearly fully dissolved but the levels didn’t change yet. Does it take a while to show in test results?
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    How much baking soda do I add to my pool?

    I have a chlorine above ground pool. What I understand is that my pool should be between 7.2-7.6 but I may be wrong. pH is currently at 6.9-7.0ish
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    How much baking soda do I add to my pool?

    15,000 gallon pool and pH is between 6.9-7.0. Alkalinity is a little low too. This is a result of adding a bit too much muramic acid when the pH and Alkalinity were too high. How many lbs of baking soda should I add to start off?
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    How much liquid chlorine to add into a pool with algae to shock it?

    I have a 14,000-gallon pool that is a little cloudy with algae. I'm wondering how many 12.5% sodium gallons of chlorine I should add to shock it overnight. I bought 8 gallons today. The pool guy said to add all 8 gallons of chlorine, but I feel like that's too much for a 14,000 gallon pool.