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    ScreenLogic update for ios

    Same with you - disappointed it wasn't even better. And hope you are right about a new desktop version. I will say this though, I'm just glad this version runs well on the Mac, they've not had good success there, so that is a nice plus. I wondered if there was maybe something in all of...
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    ScreenLogic update for ios

    Good find on the details of the Widget, etc. I saw the email, but didn't look into the details. I've updated the brick and downloaded new Mac software as well. Guess all good to go for the summer now. The only thing negative I'll say has already been mentioned. The circle for temp...
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    ScreenLogic update for ios

    I used to check once in a while to see if there was new firmware for the protocol adapter and there never was, so quit checking. Hadn't thought about maybe some new firmware for that as well. Will have to go check it out later today and update if necessary.
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    ScreenLogic update for ios

    Really nice update. Just refreshing if nothing else, it's nice to get a facelift, but looks like some really nice added functionality as well. Seems a few things that were only available on the PC/Mac app or panel have now been incorporated. Just a few things I've noticed - this is all on...
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    Home Automation and Integration with Alexa / Google Home

    I've got Pentair ET8 with Screen Logic and Alexa - other than the two becoming unpaired once in a while - it's pretty cool and slick. Works well. I just went to Pentair and Google and looked - neither seem to mention supporting Google Home. Pentair does not show up when searching their...
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    Remote/Mobile controls for variable speed pumps

    Do you have any wired ethernet in your house on the first floor in a room closer to the pool? Since you note your router is in the basement I assume that is where your "brick" is - the part of the Screen Logic that plugs in to the ethernet. It doesn't have to be plugged directly in to the...
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    Stenner install - Pentair ET8

    Personally I don't - I've never put more than 6 gallons in at a time which will last 3 to 4 weeks. I still check the chlorine 2 to 3 times a week and so far no problems. I guess there can be some breakdown, but I try to buy fresh chlorine and just don't buy it too far in advance. It's...
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    Stenner Pump Install

    The PVC is easy to deal with and I did as mentioned - bought a 2' piece of PVC the tap and did a test - was super easy and worked like a charm - at the end of the day I did not end up tapping though. I also have a Nature 2 device and what I found is that the injector from the stenner pump...
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    PVC fountain in Polaris port

    Vice grips on that should get it tight enough to be able to turn. Catch it right at the shallowest part and twist - it might snap so you can then pull it out. The dangerous way is a hack saw blade - saw through the pvc - but you want to stop before you get into the threads of the fitting...
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    Equipment options for bleach

    If you are going with liquid (and there is no decision to make like liquid vs SWG) I think you'll find these days the Stenner is about the only way to go. There is another product called the Liquidator and you'll find a couple people that maybe like it and have had some success, but the...
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    EasyTouch 8 Controls Everything Except VS Pump

    Sounds like the comm cable could. I would unplug it and plug it back in. Did he open the top part of the ET Panel, if so there is a good chance he may have replaced the cable too and didn't get it reconnected properly. Either way - as long as the display on the pump is active you know it...
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    PVC fountain in Polaris port

    So you may have realized by now -that you don't screw the main piece in all the way, turn several rounds to get it threaded in good, then you tighten the lock ring down (by hand) so that the main piece won't unscrew. Then when you want it out - loosen the lock ring and the main part will...
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    Pentair Intellibrite 5G color - Fail

    Check out J and J Electronics and the LXG lights for replacements - work just as original Pentairs. Their spa bulb is equally rated I think, the pool bulb may not be as bright though - so compare the wattage, but prices are better and very happy one year in with the spa bulb replacement.
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    Do snakes give birth in pools? Eeek

    I know it may not be fair, but in my world the only good snake, is a dead snake. There have been way too many copperheads around this area this year.
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    Chloromax Texhnology?

    Found the same thing at the new Costco in North Dallas. I usually just grab the bleach where ever I'm shopping. Put the first box in my cart and decided I better check the strength - was the new 6% stuff - prices were about the same though - just put it back. Will have to stop back by...