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    Screeching Pool Pump

    Pool pump is screeching and PSI is about 4 (normally it is 8-10). Could the bearings be going back on the motor? I do not believe the impeller is clogged as I fished around and came up empty. I also used a drain king in the pipes and nothing was stuck, so I'm thinking its bad bearings. Is there...
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    Backwash leaking while in Filter Mode - Jandy 8034

    I have a Jandy 8034 backwash valve. Last week I noticed the backwash was leaking water while in filter mode. The water is coming out of this small metal nut looking thing in the pipe. I believe no water should be coming out of there while in filter mode. Some research suggested to replace a...
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    Low psi - clogged skimmer line?

    Hello! Leaves falling in pool. I have two skimmers. Noticed the basket was tilted in one skimmer and only assume some leaves got caught in the line because my PSI dropped to about 5 a few days ago. Now I'm only getting suction when I turn off the main drain and other skimmer. Not sure what's...