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    What is everyone's occupation/profession?

    I might just be your co-worker :)
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    Clean your pool w/ a tennis ball (sort of)

    If the tennis ball manufacturers catch onto this, they're going to start adding CYA and copper to the balls...
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    Need shocking advice

    Thanks for the advice. My test results indicate I should probably shock (even though the water looks, smells and feels fine), and my calcium hardness is well within the normal range, so I think this time I'm gonna use the Wal-Mart stuff.
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    Need shocking advice

    While I've gotten pretty good at normal BBB maintenance, this past week was a first--I went away for a week with no one attending to my pool. I put a ton of bleach in it (over shock value) before leaving, in hopes that it would last the week, but no such luck. I currently must have a chlorine...
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    Why are my test results so different than the pool store?

    Re: Why are my test results so different than the pool store How do pool stores do their testing?
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    "BBB" is a misnomer

    Well yes :) but the fact remains I put muriatic acid in my pool more frequently than either baking soda or Borax.
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    "BBB" is a misnomer

    I put some Borax in my pool this week, and realized that I hardly, hardly ever put Borax in my pool. I put muriatic acid in far more frequently than I do Borax. Has this been your experience? If so, I think the method needs a new abbreviation. Something like "BM method".
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    1st Post Ever -Do I really need to drain my pool 40%

    If you don't want to drain and refill, you might be okay with 95 CYA if you use bleach (nothing with more stablizer!) and keep it at the recommended level for that high CYA. And you could drain/refill a bit on your own, here and there, to take the CYA level down over time. However, the...
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    General Cost of the BBB Method

    Great, I'll try that out. I love Aldi, so I'll grab some bleach next time I'm there.
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    General Cost of the BBB Method

    Is that "TUNDRA"? Does it work as well as Clorox? I love Aldi's and I'm all about saving money, but I've always used Clorox because it seems like it's what people here recommend.
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    How would you handle this pool store experience?

    I just don't appreciate being lied to! I'm just theatening them because I don't want them dumping more stabilizer into my pool!
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    How would you handle this pool store experience? ... lertconf=1
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    How would you handle this pool store experience?

    Sounds good to me :) Thanks!
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    How would you handle this pool store experience?

    I didn't know exactly which forum to post this in...apologies if it's the wrong one. By no means am I an expert, but I'm experienced with the BBB method (and with pool chemistry in general). A wind storm over the winter messed up my cover something fierce, so I wound up with a ton of leaves in...
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    Confused about CYA readings

    OK, now I'm REALLY confused. A couple hours later, I just tested two different samples and got ~50 each time. I have the Leslie's K-2006 with all the Taylor chemicals. Fill the little bottle with 7ml of pool water, 7ml of the solution, shake for 30 seconds and pour until the black dot goes away.