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    Let's have some fun....Worlds largest pool

    Had a pool party this Saturday... I need 5000 jugs of bleach to shock please.
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    Arggghhhh!!!! Bubbles in the return...

    Background/My installation: Main Drain + Skimmer -> 4 way valve (Main Drain, Skimmer, 1/2 or off) -> pump -> filter -> swg -> 2 returns Last week I noticed that I was getting air bubbles out of one of my return jets. Don't know exactly when it started but I suspect that it was soon after I...
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    Anyone dump their Robot?

    I kept the pump on... If you want a cleaner that stays just on the bottom of the pool get an Aquabot Pool Rover plus (also sold as the iRobot Verro 300 or the Aquajet or aqua turbo jet) or a Nitro.
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    Anyone dump their Robot?

    Had them all... 2005, 2006: Aquabot Turbo The Aquabot turbo was nothing but nothing but trouble. It got stuck on the main drain, stairs, return lines. It would eat it's own power cord when cleaning the water line. Far from drop it in and forget it. 2006, 2007: Aquabot Pool Rover Plus Same...
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    Always backwash filter after opening?

    Each season, after opening when the water chemistry is where I want... I backwash whether needed or not. I also backwash at least once a month regardless of what the pressure reading is. Backwashing takes less than 15 minutes, DE is cheap and I have big enough a property so waste water is not...
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    Hayward Pro Grid filter leakeing DE into pool...

    I've repaired many plastic cracks with 2 part marine epoxy putty... available at most hardware stores and sold on TV infomercials as Mighty Putty. If the tear is small enough (couple of inches or so), you can probably apply a thin coat of the stuff (work fast) and make a permanent fix.
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    Hayward Pro Grid filter leakeing DE into pool...

    Uh oh... I went through my normal opening procedure this season (filter up and running, keep it shocked with Bleach until no CC, balance water, fire up the SWG). I am seeing in the pool a powedery white stuff floating around which I suspect is DE. Particularly evident when the pump/filter...
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    Poolvergnuegen The PoolCleaner ?

    I have thepoolcleaner I don't believe there's a 2 wheel return model. I bought thepoolcleaner pressure side 4 wheel last year. Here's my review soon after I purchased it (originally on poolforum... copied here). This is the cleaner that doesn't require a booster pump. My pool is a a 26KGal...
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    Whats the best barbecue to buy?

    This one... warning... image intensive Since you've asked "Whats the best barbecue to buy?" Pics from my backyard and virgin cook a couple of years back.... My trouble free pool in the background. This is the best (at least for me)...
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    Smartpool Nitro... Does anyone have this unit? Opinions?

    Thanks... I have a hopper bottom pool with a small shallow end. My problem with most pool cleaners have been that they tend to do a very good job of cleaning the deep end but gets to my shallow end only occasionally. How's the Nitro cleaning the shallow end?
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    Smartpool Nitro... Does anyone have this unit? Opinions?

    Looks like a bottom + hopper only robotic unit...
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    Help Picking Auto Cleaner

    Smartpool Nitro It the Nitro a pool bottom cleaner? Does it climb the hopper/angled surfaces but doesn't go vertical to clean the wall waterline? Can you tell me why the Nitro does not "generally function the way I want it to"? Does it work at all?
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    Where to buy salt

    They're all generally ~$4.50-5.00/40# bag at any of the big box stores. You want the solar salt with nothing else in it. With gas prices what they are it doesn't pay to run around to too many places. Make sure you get a reading before adding the salt. The delivered water may have some...
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    Mineral Springs SWG manufacturer?????

    Mineral Springs... This has to be the most shameless ripoff. I just got a co-worker with Mineral Springs converted to SALT. Yes CONVERT to SALT. He had been paying $500+/year for the "beginnings" (startup) and "renewal" (every week). After looking at his unit, we pulled the goldline controls...
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    Salt reading... Chlorinator or AquaChek White Test Strips?

    After reading the manual several times... Solved my problem.... The manual is not very clear but there's a temperature setting on the unit. The manual goes through how to adjust it but doesn't explain what it's for. After reading through it the first time, I assumed it was a disable feature...