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    Building a 12'x24'x48" block pool

    So you dry stacked the block walls or did you do traditional mortar blocked wall? Just curious, I did a block pool.. Poured footers, put up the block wall with mortar, then poured the inners of the block wall for additional strength. I then did a vermiculite floor. Ran treated 2x6s around...
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    Concrete floor, block wall, rectangle pool?

    I think I did 2 to 1 mix (2 bags verm to 1 bag portland. I bought a used mortar mixer for about $1600 then sold it after i did my pool for the same amount. It made the job so much easier. I built a shoot, from the mixer to the pool floor. Below the vermiculite, I put about 6 inches of stone...
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    Newbie : diy cinder block inground bath/basin help

    Photos below (out of sequence) footers with the first row or two of block,, muddy bottom -- blockwork in progress. Photo of walls complete, stone in bottom & pool equip pad. I ran treated 2x6 along edge, which is where I screwed aluminum pool coping to. Truck with vermiculite floor supplies...
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    Newbie : diy cinder block inground bath/basin help

    I built my pool myself, and used cinder block. I had a guy dig it with an excavator, because we went down about 8 foot. I formed the footers using 3/4 plywood cut in thirds, so 16" inch x 84" pieces, I had concrete deliveried, but if yours is small you could probably do it by hand. I then put...
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    Winter cover? Wich is best?

    My looploc mesh cover dips into the water almost the entire offseason, I don't drain any water when winterizing. I've had the cover now for 5 years and I have noticed nothing wrong with the mesh cover, especially nothing wrong with the mid section that sits in water during the winter.
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    Filling pool with iron laden well water

    I have high iron, and took a whole house water filter and put it on a 2 wheel dolly, with hose connectors on both side and run it straight from the well head to the filter, out to the pool. Works well for me..
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    Bird Poop in pool

    This time of year the birds, especially the robins are 100% focused on 3 things 1) Eating 2) ******** 3) Reproducing
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    Menards pool shock B1G1 starting tomorrow

    Yes, I was wrong and I apologize. Up next, I a predicting a 70-% chance of an upcoming 4th of July sale, featuring B1G1 Pool Shock..
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    Menards pool shock B1G1 starting tomorrow

    Well that isn't encouraging, maybe John will get a win in Charlotte and be in a giving mood. I am holding out for the sale and remember the date code on the box, something like 20100 would be produced on the 100th day of 2020,, and the fresher the better with this higher octane bleach.
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    Menards pool shock B1G1 starting tomorrow

    They had a big Isle stack in the main isle when I was there last Sunday, I really think this Sunday is the day..
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    Menards pool shock B1G1 starting tomorrow

    The stock pile of gals at my local Menards went from 300 to 1400. Memorial day is next Monday, I am 'predicting' a B1G1 on the pool shock starting May 25th. I did pick up 3 cases to get my pool open last Sunday, paid $3.55gal. They can't just keep running the 11% sale, week after week even in...
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    Menards pool shock B1G1 starting tomorrow

    Sorry, I was wrong on this, the B1G1 on the pool shock doesn't start until next week (I think - their Memorial day ad)
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    Menards pool shock B1G1 starting tomorrow

    Menards pool shock B1G1 starting tomorrow May 17 12.5% strength No settling on the bottom of the pool which creates stains Liquid pool chlorinator is one of the best options to reduce cyanuric acid levels For above or inground swimming pools 1 gallon Made in USA
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    Bleach shortage

    Yep, the virus is going to put us pool owners in a pinch I can guarantee it.
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    Chemicals for closing

    So I ordered up two quarts of polyquat from,, wow was that a mistake. Its been 3 weeks and no shipment. They had no problem charging my CC 3 weeks ago and now they won't even respond to my inquiries. I am going to have my CC refund the money and I will buy it elsewhere.