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    Possible sand in pool

    Welcome to spring in Tennessee. I am pretty sure that is pollen. Mine looks the same - pollen is terrible here in East Tennessee right now. If it is sand it should be accumulating right in front of and under your return jets as Texas Splash said
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    Need suggestions for removing broken “Duck Plug”

    You may have gotten away with it with no issues so far, but you shouldn't use Teflon tape on PVC threaded fittings or you can cause the female fitting to crack, which would be a very bad day for your pool return. Use something like RectorSeal No. 5 Pipe Thread Sealant. "The right way to...
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    Water behind liner?

    Hi all, been lurking for awhile, moved into this house about a year ago with a 16x32 vinyl IG. Followed TFP recommendations all last season and had crystal clear water all season! I noticed towards the end of the season last summer a circular spot in the liner about 24” wide where it was bulging...
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    Pentair IntelliCenter Pool Control Dashboard Instructional Guide

    Many thanks to MyAZPool, rstrouse, and tagyoureit for all your hard work! I got this working successfully today :D So cool to have this on Homekit!
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    Hot Tub Rash??? (kind of long)

    You mentioned your rash started shortly after adding shock - if you used MPS shock that is a possible cause as some people have documented sensitivity to MPS.
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    Outdoor Oasis