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    Sanitization, water dropping, wack-o levels

    Hi all, Used to be a pool owner, moved to a new home and now have a hot tub here from previous owner. It is a 350 gal 2005 Dimension One Spa which I don't even think is made any more. We had some of the hoses replaced last year, but others are still leaking. We add about 6-8 gal water every day...
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    Backyard almost complete

    your backyard is looking better than our home! nice job!
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    Chemical # question-new to hot tubs

    I will update you with this response. We drained, cleaned and are re-filling the hot tub as I write this post. As soon as it is up and has run for a bit, I'll take another sample and post a new set of numbers. Thanks for the help.
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    Chemical # question-new to hot tubs

    CYA over 100, will be draining at least half and refilling to decrease the #.
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    Chemical # question-new to hot tubs

    Hi all-was a previous pool owner but we sold the house and along with it, the pool. The house we purchased has a hot tub in working condition (amazed)...I am currently testing the water to see where I am with the levels and have a question about the TA test. I put the 0007 in the vial and when...
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    Is it SUMMER Time yet?!!!!!!

    "Oh and BTW, I will be welcoming my very first granddaughter on May 8th! I have reasons to get this show on the road! :mrgreen: " Congrats on the upcoming new granddaughter. A great reason to be welcoming the coming of summer!
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    Is it SUMMER Time yet?!!!!!!

    It can be summer any time now. I am sick of the winter but jobs and bills and all of that other stuff we working stiffs have to contend with get in the way of moving to warmer climates and having time to do other fun stuff wherever we want. I, for one, am READY to be warm again.
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    When you aren't swimming, what are you riding?

    [attachment=0:2ac10ptk]newbikesize.jpg[/attachment:2ac10ptk]Love all of the replies. Here is what I am currently riding when the weather permits. (NE Ohio. Always an adventure!) 2005 Heritage Deluxe. Found it last year on sale in Crystal River Florida. Wasn't intending to get a new one, it just...
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    When you aren't swimming, what are you riding?

    DH and I are noob Harley owners. Only been riding a year. He rides an ultra classic Electra Glide and I ride a Heritage Softtail. I'll post pics when I'm not ridin' or swimmin'. :cheers: ( but never on the bikes)
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    So I Was At Walmart Today

    Re: So I Was Alt Walmart Today Nice job :goodjob: Lets hope he decides to take your advice. Best thing I ever DID was join this group and learn all about my water and such. I recommend TFP every chance I get. Some still won't jump in, though and continue to be Pool Stored. You can lead a...
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    Hot tub in hotel

    The hot tub in the hotel at which we are staying has foaming bubbles on the water when the water is churning at any speed. The high speed has a TON of bubbles and foam. Is this normal or should we stay OUT?
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    The Good News Is....

    Congrats on the open pool. Looks inviting!
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    About finished with drainging the water off pool cover

    Unless you fill your pool with trucked in water how else would you fill it? I used our regular garden hose and the water was just fine. Are there any extenuating circumstances that would prohibit the use of your hose?
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    What I do when I am not enjoying my pool

    Hi all, I am having a small affair with tie dyeing. Here are a few samples of my stuff. I made socks to match, too. Weird, eh? Hope you like them. Making them was a blast. ... niac%2012/