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    SWG costs

    Yup. I noticed in IC 40 replacement cell.
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    New and overwhelmed

    @Searstj The premise of using liquid chlorine over powdered shock, is to not add any additonal chemicals to the pool which aren't needed. When Slamming, its especially emphasized not to use anything which will add CYA which is what Trichlor does. According to the pool math app, cal hypo...
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    New DIY Inground pool build - Arkansas (Picture Heavy)

    This is awesome and I LOL'd when you said finishing the deep end by hand was hard. I DIY'ed my pool too, and so I can relate to that! and P.S. the pool house rocks. I could live in that thing.
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    I’m tired of replacing my pressure gauge

    7 yrs ago, I install the gauge that TF Testkits sells. Its the bomb. Its made of metal that does not rust and filled with Glycerine. The thing is a beast. Here in Texas we had a bad week or 2 of weather with temps where I live getting down to around 0° F. That gauge just laughed at it. I...
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    Rolling black outs possible NTX

    Good luck! Hopefully our pools will survive this without too much problem. It was -2F here yesterday morning, more icing on the pool but the freezing didnt progress thanks too the bright sunshine we had yesterday. All still OK. I think if I survived Monday night, all will be fine. I'm not...
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    Rolling black outs possible NTX

    8 degrees and 9" of snow on the ground this morning in Longview, Tx. Burrr! No rolling blackouts here - yet. Thank you Swepco. So far all my equipment is fine, but my pool is starting to form a very thin layer of ice on top. I estimate maybe 30% of the surface is iced. smh....
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    Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus being discontinued

    I have a Pentair Warrior SE and I got it from Margaret. Maytronics makes the thing, its just branded Pentair. All of the parts and filters on it are Dolphin ones, so no problem with parts availability in the future should you need them. Ive had it only several months and it's doing a great...
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    LED vs incandescent lights - lumens and reliability

    Yeah, replacing those LED controllers and fixtures are expensive if they fail. similar to chief, I replace my incandescent with an LED screw in type bulb. The LED is considerably less lumens. That said, its plenty bright enough to suit me. These screw in LEDs do come in color changing...
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    Suggestions for a robotic cleaner to deal with pine needles

    Pete, None of the robots do better with pine needs vs for example leaves. As long as its a quality robot, they're all about the same. This biggest draw back of a robot in this the volume they will hold. So really, it depends on what time of year, and how many and often the pine needles fall...
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    What to do when going on vacation - LEAVES!

    Same problem here and I don't have a main drain, so thats out. Cant leave the pump running, the skimmer will fill up and restrict flow. Everybody who knows me knows I don't have any friends. So what I do? I just turn off the pump. Before I go though, I raise the FC to SLAM level. This time of...
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    “Tangle free cord” active 20

    It probably was scrubbing the waterline and somehow scrubbed across the cord... thats the only thing I can come up with.
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    How often do you have to change out a vinyl pool liner?

    First, is to find out who the liner manufacturer is, and do some research online. Not all manufacturing techniques are equal. The major thing about them is how the seams of the liners are welded, made to the correct dimensions, and the quality of the ink the pattern is prinnted from. The...
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    Intermatic (or Dayton ?) timer not turning on

    The same thing happened to one of my intermatics earlier in the year. (7 yrs old). I bought a new timer and just replaced the mechanism. Took bout 15 minutes total. I never could figure out why the old one would not turn on though. :scratch::scratch::scratch:
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    Well worth the wait, complete pool overhaul.

    Wow, nice renovation! Very well thought out on every level if you ask me.