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    Collapsing wall

    You can use a shopvac to suck the air out from in between the liner and the wall and it helps to stretch and set everything into place. Everything sounds like it should fit and work on your pool the way you've described it. Not sure why your wall is doing that. Its possible the liner was made...
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    Collapsing wall

    Is the liner tight to the cove all the way around, like a nice firm triangle, or is it pulled away with air between the liner and cove. Is the center of the pool dished out or low? Like cowboy Casey said something doesn't have enough stretch for where it's going. Did you vacuum the liner to...
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    Collapsing wall

    It sounds like there isnt enough sand under the liner and the clip in liner doesn't have enough stretch to fill in the hole. I would add extra sand under the cove area as thats the area of the liner most likely put undue stress on the wall.
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    Grounding vs water bonding

    Your metal pool handrails absolutely should be bonded and properly connected to the bonding loop of the pool. Your GC probably misspoke when he said grounded. It is very easy to get the two terms confused. Its probably best he is having the electrician do the work.
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    Another AGP build thread - a resume from a disatrous pandemic summer

    I understand the hesitation to spend the money I went thru the same thing when I got my panels. I had doubts about the cheap amazon panels. They really do work surprisingly well. As long as you drain them really well before the winter they seem to be pretty durable as well. Adding the automatic...
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    Another AGP build thread - a resume from a disatrous pandemic summer

    You should get a decent amount of neat into the pool from those solar panels. I have 3 2x20 solar panels from amazon they last decently well and work as advertised. My pool stays in the upper 80s and low 90s from June to October. I only use my heat pump to supplement on days or weeks where it's...
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    AGP on sloped site

    You are about to remove a lot of dirt. You should have a plan for where all the excess material will be going and another machine with a loader bucket to move it, or a dump trailer. You will need to think about retaining walls to keep the land in place on the down hill edges. Is the pool you...
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    15x30 AGP installation in old playset location

    You need to look into the instructions for the pool. I don't think 20ft will be a wide enough area for the frame. Want to say I needed a minimum of 25 foot wide area to get the pool in, and even that was a tight fit. Otherwise I would say just leave the area as is and have it properly filled...
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    Bonding resin pool

    Yep this thread is pretty old, and yes even with a deck code says you need a loop around the entire pool. I understand your point about the deck as mine is the same as yours. Still have a loop around the entire pool. Its a few bucks in copper wire and it's easy to do .
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    Above ground pool not level anymore

    If they say it is safe get it in writing.
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    AGP ground prep - what does your install look like 5+ years after

    My install on compacted road base, with pavers under all the legs looks as good as the day it was put in years ago. Thru multiple new england winters it all still as level as it was from day one. I put a lot of effort into making a solid level base and it has paid off as expected. The wood on...
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    AGP Depth - 54" vs 48"

    I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say cutting any of the joining straps or modifications to the pressure plate in a butress free oval pool is a bad idea. Maybe I've been working with cranes to long but doing something like that just screams liability issues.
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    Does anyone make an instant pool warmer? (If not...million dollar idea...)

    The gas turbine at the power plant I used to work at could have that pool heated in no time. The exhaust boiler was capable of 35,000 lbs of saturated 125psi steam an hour. Granted it was a 10,000 up turbine and the exhaust came out at 1400F. I don't think you would like the gas bill.
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    Back Fill?

    I would back fill with sand.