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    Liquid chlorine shelf life

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    Cyclone Connection to SWG Unions

    Here is how use pump housing, replacing pump lid with a piece of 1/2 plywood. Work great, and was cheap as I had a scrap piece laying around. The thickness of the plywood is equal to that of lid and gasket, it seals good enough to get the job done.
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    19 lbs. or 296 oz. of Calcium Chloride ?

    Check the SDS on the home depot website, its will give you some idea of what else is in it, not precisely, but a clue.
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    Is this a dumb idea with Variable Speed pump?

    I run a Variable speed pump, with regards to filter pressure I have chosen 2000 rpm as my “check filter pressure rpm”, I schedule 1750 day 12 hours, and 1250 night 12 hours. I keep a solar cover on often, and this works for me. If its windy and cover is off, I manually override to higher rpm to...
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    Need to lower my TA?

    You should be ok, but when I have large adds, I add half wait an hour or so for mixing in of addition, retest to see result, then add again. This avoids overshooting your target.
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    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    Menards Florence KY, Cincinnati area $3.99/gal 12.5%, 21090 date code, current 11% rebate net 3.55, had at least 20 cases of 4 gallons. 4/18
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    Recommendations for sump pump for well point that is 10 inches in diameter

    Try this float switch
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    How are you storing your robots?

    I use a tote from walmart, made a frame to keep brushes from being crushed while in storage.
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