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    Eco finish for fiberglass warranty repair?

    That's pretty much where I was going - I don't trust that they won't do more damage than they're trying to fix. No idea how much to ask, but thinking about starting with $5000, which is the discount I'd have been willing to take if they'd offered me a "scratch and dent" up front.
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    Eco finish for fiberglass warranty repair?

    Correct. Who knows? And I am aware.
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    Eco finish for fiberglass warranty repair?

    Hi, all. I'm starting a new thread for this. Some of you may remember my install that started out about this time last year - I have a new Barrier Reef 14x30 Outback Dundee Lounger that opened late last spring. There are some finish flaws at the bottom of the pool where either in manufacturing...
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    Intelliflo cuts out for a few seconds

    It was wired improperly, through the relay.
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    Pentair Warrior SE vs. Dolphin S200

    One data point, I got a $100 rebate for my Warrior SI even though they initially told me I didn't meet the minimum purchase price, and it was only eligible for $50 anyway. I would fill in the rebate form online even if you expect to be denied.
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    New Pool Build - Northern Virginia

    Nice site, neighbor! Your house literally looks like it could have been built by the same builder that constructed mine.
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    Weird deep end stains in new fiberglass pool

    I updated this in my build thread, sorry. The textured finish was either not applied in or at some point scraped off of these areas. I have as of yet not had a definitive response from Barrier Reef on this. My PB is following up and I am keeping on them, but TBH they are letting this and one...
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    New fiberglass pool - TFP levels?

    I have the same issue with my Barrier Reef pool. What I'm doing is to aim for the TFP end of the manufacturer requirement, at least for the once-a-month pool store testing that my manufacturer requires. In between I'm more relaxed about letting the TFP suggestions govern.
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    I don’t see much discussion about Intelliconnect here, it seems like it’s more of a hobbled system. I have Easytouch/ScreenLogic and much the same equipment setup as you. It’s plenty, even the Easytouch 4 instead of 8 has enough room for my yard lights also. My pool builder really disliked...
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    New build in Northern VA

    Aww, sorry. Sounds like me with my wall block, I picked something months before installation then when time came there was none in stock anywhere. Then picked another that was supposedly in stock. Nope. Techobloc shuts down for the winter, if they run out they run out. But I ended up with...
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    New Construction (fiberglass) - Chicago, city proper

    So, a couple of teak furniture recommendations. Country Casual is local here and I have some of their stuff - older. It's very expensive but good quality, it's all self-branded. I just bought loungers, a new coffee table and a square umbrella from AuthenTEAK in Atlanta. Very nice folks, nice...
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    New build in Northern VA

    All American Fences. Owner is Nino who does the estimates. Then they put you on a schedule a few weeks later with a few days’ notice. The crews are really nice. I found them because my homebuilder used them for the vinyl privacy fence. Not perfect but reasonable and professional. I did...
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    Looking for Fiberglass Builder in DFW

    I can't help with the DFW recommendations. But yes, pool builders are very busy both because it's summer and everyone wants a pool because of the quarantines. I have built and owned two gunite pools and now a fiberglass one. They're comparable, it's all just preference. I like the fiberglass...
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    New build in Northern VA

    NoVa is going for horizontal slat fences around the equipment. :) I agree with the advice about the pad.