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    Calcium scale above water line? Removal?

    Hi pros- we have some calcium scale (at least I think that’s what it is) around the stone/grout by our spa waterfall. This is the only place I’ve noticed any scale. If it is calcium scale, do I use 100% Muriatic acid to remove it? A pumice stone doesn’t seem to be doing anything. 1. If I DO...
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    Warm/steam water in Pump basket

    Ok the basket is officially not filling to the top. It is filling to about 2 inches before the top. I’ve had a return in the shallow end thus been bubbling for months but I can’t seem to find where the air is coming in. I tried releasing water from the filter but there’s a steady stream of...
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    Warm/steam water in Pump basket

    Hi experts! I noticed this afternoon, about 3pm, that our waterfall feature from the spa to the pool was not running - which ALWAYS runs when the pump is on. Pump runs from 10am- 6pm. I went back to the equipment and noticed that I couldn’t see the water in the pump basket- it was foggy/steamy...
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    Discolored PebbleTec

    Hi all - I wasn't exactly sure where to post this, but as I am still fairly new to pool ownership...this was my best guess: I know it's hard to see, but is the discoloration on our pebbeTec finish cause for concern? I honestly don't know if it's been there since we moved here (4 mo) or if it's...
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    rising pH and question ab the waterfall feature

    I am thoroughly perplexed. I’ve now added TWO 14oz doses of Muriatic acid (one last night and one this morning, and have let the pump run all day) pH is STILL reading high (7.8) and my TA went from 60 to 70. I didn’t test TA before adding the MA bc it’s been a steady 60 since I started testing...
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    rising pH and question ab the waterfall feature

    How in the world has my pH not come down at all this morning?! I added 14 oz of Muriatic acid (pH was 8) and turned off the waterfall/pump 4 hrs after I added it. Reading this morning is still 8. Do I need to add more?? This stuff is nasty. PH always came down when I added dry acid before...
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    rising pH and question ab the waterfall feature

    You are 100% right that it’s not a valid excuse!! Ive been taking it one thing at a time. Got all the chemicals under control (also thanks to y’all) so now turning my attention to the how’s/why’s of the equipment & mechanics. Pool ownership is daunting and intimidating AF. Thank God for you...
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    rising pH and question ab the waterfall feature

    Bc that’s the way it was when we bought the house haha! 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    rising pH and question ab the waterfall feature

    Also this is a very dumb question but I have a handy aqua link remote and just switched the run time of the pump from 24hrs to I also have to change the speed? I don’t see that option. Does it so it automatically with a variable speed pump? Thanks for everyone’s patience with me...we...
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    rising pH and question ab the waterfall feature

    I’m not sure what automation system I have 😳 we run the variable speed pump 24/7 (at a low speed) should I switch it to only run for 12 hrs a day? I think that may turn the waterfall off for half the day. What are the pros/cons of running on low 24/7 vs higher for 12hr?