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    New pump size?

    Bought a used 24 foot round AGP a few years back. its 52 inches high also Pump already had 5 years on it, so when i went to close pool last fall, it finally gave up. Well as most of us have experienced, no need to open the pool yet as indiana was 45 degrees this morning. So looking for a new...
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    Need deck ideas for 27' ABG Round

    queen, where did you get those half picnic tables or benches at????
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    Leveling Question 24 ABG Round

    About a inch or two deep X 6 inches long X but width of bucket..... Just where the bucket was digging a little too deep to start Thanks for the quick response
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    Leveling Question 24 ABG Round

    Got a few questions. Trying to get the pool mostly in this week and this weekend. Of course it will only be in the 90's here in Southern Indiana this weekend. Great time to install. We started leveling the ground last weekend. We first used the front end loader on the tractor to get most of the...