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    DIY - Poolwarehouse build

    No. I backfilled with clear grave. Poured the deck then added liner/ water. I believe that is standard. But this was my first pool...
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    Concrete delivery access problem

    We did mine with wheelbarrow. It's was a lot of work for a short Time and you need some good reliable friends but it saved a ton. We did the same for the deck. The guybi hired to finish it wanted $1000 (Canadian.. ) to get a pump but we did it 3 or 4 guys. If you don't have enough good strong...
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    Deck Jets

    I think they are worth $1000. The kids love them. We have 3. No extra pump. Just make sure each one has it's own valve to control the flow. If I open my valves to far the jets will hit my neighbors house.
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    Something You Wish You had Done was...

    I would have added a second skimmer and a variable speed pump.
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    Skimmer lid raised above patio?

    I believe the top portion (lid base) slips inside the body of the skimmer. They should be able to disassemble and correct This.
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    New pool in Toronto

    As mentioned get 3-5 quotes and do good checks into there customer satisfaction. And just a word of advice be realistic and don't expect to be swimming until late summer. Most good pool builders have been booked. Weather plays a big part in how many pools can be built around here.
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    Tips for late opening

    Thanks guys. I can probably peel back the cover a few times a week and top up the chlorine and run a pump for a bit. My main goal other than preventing damage is to get it open as soon as possible to have house/ pool party. I spent most 2017 building the pool and haven't really had a chance to...
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    Tips for late opening

    Any tips for prepping for a late opening? This will only be my second time opening my pool and I expect it will be a very late opening. My house caught on fire last summer and we are still in the rebuild process. We were able to get temporary power hooked up to it last summer and it was crystal...
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    Pool depth 6' or 8' will I regret 6'? Which slide for SW?

    We went 9 feet and we don't regret it. My 5 year old can almost get rings from the deep end now,
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    pool light tripping breaker over night

    What else is on that breaker? Time to rule out other devices
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    Laminar or Standard Deck Jets?

    I have standard deck jets and we love them too. No idea about how they compare
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    New Backyard w/ FG Pool - Toronto - Owner/Builder

    I would recommend the basic deck jets if you have kids. We put in 3. They were cheap and every kid that comes over loves them. They make a great background noise to if you have loud neighbor. The jumping rock is a must. Again it was super cheap. 2 hours and 4 pieces of gas pipe and a pry bar and...
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    LED Transformer hookup

    I have the PX100 and mine has only 2 voltage settings. 12v and 13v. There are 2 black output wires that go the lights. Either wire to either wire. The white netraul connects to white on transformer and the black hot wire connects to the appropriate color depending on the output voltage you want...
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    2018: Fiberglass install uxbridge ointario

    We went with a swirl instead of a broom finish. The concrete finisher talked me out of a broom finish because of all the curves. I glad he did. The swirls looks great, give the same traction and you don't end up with lines at odd angles. Its hard to see but here is a pic.
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    Should there be rocks under liner in-ground pool

    The pool floor should have been swept and vacuumed before the liner was installed. Vacuuming on your knees give a good chance to catch any leftover high spots/ pebbles so they can be scraped off. It will never be 100% perfect but there should not be any large rocks.