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    Nothing Fancy

    good job on the prep work. how is the solar system doing?
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    Drilling holes into Metal top rails? Please share your thoughts

    My ladder is attached to my deck but my solar cover reel is bolted to the top rails. I have no issues. Mine is resin.
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    Cover help

    Come to think of does ride the side some. Will try cutting it down. Thanks for the tip
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    Cover help

    Does anyone else have problems with their cover folding over on itself when its windy? Every time the wind blows one side of the cover will blow under the other side. Pool is round with a cover reel down the center. The straps have slack so the cover is not lifted anywhere. Could it be that I...
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    How Clear is TFP Clear? Let's See (Pics Please).

    Pulled the cover off yesterday. A few leaves and a medium sized iceberg!
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    AGP with Safety fence, but solar reel issues

    I connected 2 awning tubes together and used this for 2 seasons. I bolted on a crank handle that didnt work so well. Still took 2 of us to roll up the solar cover. I ended up ordering a premade roller because I hated the handle. If I would have thought of the bicycle idea I would still be using...
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    AGP with Safety fence, but solar reel issues

    What about getting an old RV awning tube? Made of aluminum and lightweight. Wont rust etc. I'm sure a dealer in your area has many laying around
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    Water turned yellow after filling new hot tub

    What is your system for topping up your pool without adding iron? Can you not do the same for your hot tub, whatever that may be? I have high iron at my home as well. We tried all kinds of things to get the iron out. Nothing worked. In the spring when we open the pool we have a water truck come...
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    Saltwater Aurora all-resin pool build thread!

    Ahhhhh! No we don't have that. Atleast not where I am. my pool is a massive ice cube for a couple more months!
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    Saltwater Aurora all-resin pool build thread!

    I used this Perma-Cast PB2008 Water Bonding Fitting PB-2008: Patio, Lawn & Garden It mounts in a threaded T fitting in the PVC. So went from my wall to the pump to the water bond fitting to the heater to the Pro Logic panel. Was super easy. I called the inspector ahead of time to...
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    Saltwater Aurora all-resin pool build thread!

    Check with your local inspector but when we put ours in we didn't have to run the bonding wire around the pool because same as you, the only metal to attach to was the wall joint.
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    Who’s getting ready for the next season?!

    been -40c here for 2 weeks. -50 with the windchill. I manage to go in the hot tub but swim season is still 4 months away for us.
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    Ground Rod

    This is incorrect. The ground rod has nothing to do with the bonding system.
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    Saltron Mini Review

    For all the people who ask about the saltron mini for their hot tub, here is my experience. We bought ours in August of 2019. Set it all up and worked great. We have the setting at 7 and for our tub it maintains the chlorine levels perfectly. About once a month we add muriatic acid to lower the...