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    Coleman pool hoses

    any farm supply store can cut new flexible hoses to match.
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    Decisions: Size, shape, placement

    We put in a 27 and I tell ya....I’m glad we didn’t go smaller!! It’s a little frozen right now. Lol
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    Counting Down the Days!

    We are counting down months....not days.. only 4.5 months to go!
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    What does your pool paradise look like?

    What do you do on a snowy afternoon???
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    First Iowa Winter with hot tub - what do I need to know?

    We used to do the cooler idea to keep towels and robes warm. Even put in wheat bags to help. This year I built a little wardrobe on the deck. We now hang our towels/robes in it, turn on the electric heater inside the box and Voila! Less hassle than the cooler.
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    Wall Joints Starting to push against liner

    Are those 2 seams positioned behind the vertical supports? Im curious what it looks like from outside the pool. did you look to see of the bolts have all come loose or possibly if the wall popped out of the bottom track? a pic of the outside wall may help
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    Costco comes through

    @YippeeSkippy After changing out a pump and redoing some plumbing, the hot tub is once again operational. We pumped water directly from the pool ( we are on a well) Hooked up the Saltron Mini and sure works nice!! My question though is the instructions say to take it out of the water when using...
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    Rats eating spa wiring?

    Its available on Amazon. Look for a produce called "mouse free" : Mouse Free 1 Gallon RV Mouse Repelling Undercarriage Lubricant with Spray Gun : Home Pest Repellents : Garden & Outdoor
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    Rats eating spa wiring?

    In the RV industry we spray the undersides with peppermint oil as a deterrent for mice and it seems to work quite well. Perhaps remove a panel and spray the inside with it once a year.
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    Costco comes through

    Agreed. I spent quite a bit of time reading reviews from different websites. The majority are good. The ones that crack me up are the ones that say their PH & TA are easier to maintain using this VS bleach. Their are members on this forum that use it and are very happy. Last January we went to...
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    Costco comes through

    33% difference from USD to CDN. Perhaps they forgot to do the conversion!
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    Costco comes through

    A couple months back we were considering purchasing a Saltron Mini for the hot tub but prices were ranging $450-$550 CDN so we held off. I had looked at Costco back then and it was discontinued. Well low and behold today I looked and they have them again. Only $229! smoking deal. Order has been...
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    Need to replace winch and cable on 24' AG round

    They are the same as for a clothesline. Can get them at your local hardware store.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    a whopping 63 this AM. With over night lows of -6 C and up to 50cm (for you south of the border thats almost 1.5 feet) of snow forecast in some areas. Luckily I am out of the snow area (y) Gonna be cold winterizing the pool this weekend.
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    Spa pack popping GFCI

    @DangerBoy thanks for the feedback. I will disconnect the heater tonight and see what that does. The spa pack & heater is now approximately 5 yrs old. Any suggestions on replacement heaters?