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    Aiming Return Jet

    On our 15' above ground I put a 90* elbow on my return and point it a little down so it still has good circular flow and also helps keep the bottom water going a little also. It seems to work for us, if I ever change it I might try a 45* elbow to see how that works because I have the eyeball...
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    Intex magnetic pool lights

    It looks like the light has a momentary switch to turn it on and not a physical on off switch. If that is the case then it won't turn it on only off.
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    New 2020 Intex Graywood 15x48 Round Pool - Cutting intakes/return holes from 1-1/4 to 1-1/2? Am I crazy?

    Looks like you will have no problem, I use a sharp exacto knife to cut mine and it's like butter.
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    New 2020 Intex Graywood 15x48 Round Pool - Cutting intakes/return holes from 1-1/4 to 1-1/2? Am I crazy?

    It's a easy process once you have the new returns. What I do is use the new gaskets to trace the hole on the outside of the pool where it's reinforced. You can do this without draining the pool you will just need a helper. Have the helper inside the pool with a plastic bowl or small bucket...
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    Experiences repairing rust and painting a Modpool (shipping container pool) liner?

    Looking at the Rhino seal site it looks like it's a 2 part epoxy coating used for floors. Should just have to remove rust/convert rust, prime, and mix up the epoxy and coat it. I would consider replacing all the hardware also just not the rusted ones. I would assume there is some type of...
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    Freshly Installed Liner - lots of wrinkles. Suggestions?

    Agree with what was said above about redoing it, plus if you are planning on using an automatic cleaner it could get stuck in the wrinkles.
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    Desperate need in finding an adapter for BestWay above ground pool

    IF your signature is correct and you have the 1000gph pump I don't think your pump will work with the cleaner it looks to need 1600gph pump. I had that type of pool cleaner and the pump I was running at the time was 1600gph I believe and it worked decent. If you have a bigger pump then you...
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    Water bonding

    Glad you were able to modify the pump drain to work for what you bought, hope the inspector approves and lets you get to using your pool.
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    Updated pictures:Building an "ocean".........aka 18'

    Wow that turned out great! I like the deck jets also.
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    Water bonding

    Is the inspector considering this a permanent above ground pool? I thought they should be classified as a seasonal pool. Did you have to get a pool permit because of local regulations? I'm not sure what thread the drain plug is on the intex pumps but the one you posted might be able to be...
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    Stock Tank Pool Entry Step ideas

    You won't regret the sand filter. Please post up some pics of your progress when you get there.
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    Automation for above ground pool?

    I had some time a couple weekends ago and did some testing for my SWG. I was able to figure out that it is indeed a momentary switch for the power button. I did a test to see if just shorting the switch if it would indeed come on and off with my wifi outlet switch and it does. The only drawback...
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    Hole on the bottom of intex liner

    I'm not sure about the flex tape but you should be able to buy a patch kit with glue at your local pool store or box hardware store if they carry pool supplies or possibly Walmart if they still have pool supplies. I don't know if I would cut the liner any more to remove the rock but you could...
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    New liner compatibility

    You can install an overlap liner like done HERE. There are others that have done it also. As long as the tear isn't too big you can put a patch or possibly duct tape/gorrilla tape to hold the tear getting bigger. On my old Intex I had to patch a tear about 1 1/2"-2" long with the supplied...
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    Stock Tank Pool Entry Step ideas

    If you are handy you could make something similar to what @kellyfair linked to and use 45* elbows to kind of curve around the inside and use the trex type deck boards or go with something like THIS. I just did a search for plastic step stool. As far as the deck around it I would do it like...