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    Fitting on pool pump/return and skimmer

    You could try using some silicone around the hose and fitting. I bought some silicone from the local hot tub place that you can use underwater so I would think it would work for this situation if there is water in the fittings/hose.
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    Just Bought a 26' Intex - Looking for suggestions on upgrades as I start the planning/build process

    If you can leave the cover open for the cycle after putting in the chlorine, I have read that it will degrade the cover faster by not letting the byproducts and heavy chlorine dissipate. We bought a used tub and you can see on the bottom of the cover where you can see a definite discoloration...
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    Just Bought a 26' Intex - Looking for suggestions on upgrades as I start the planning/build process

    Nice catch on the hot tub. You should be able to tell if it's leaking by pulling off one or all the side panels to see if there is ice/water under it when you close. Depending on how long it has been idle with no maint. it could be evaporation of the water.
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    5 month old pool rusting! Help!

    You could use one of the many rust reformers that are out there. Your local hardware store should carry some sort of rust neutralizer/reformer.
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    Water splashing out of skimmer

    I think this would be an easy quick fix. I would think even the painters tarp/ clear plastic would work also. I know on my skimmer it has a little play for the lid.
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    Through Wall Skimmer for Intex Ultra Frame

    Found pics of the part I used to convert to the Intex pump filter. I could'nt find the parts to link in the post so not sure if they have changed them or if the local HD/Lowe's etc. Will have them now. I bought the parts a while ago. There was two different fittings I have used. The grey one...
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    Intex air jet valve... Why? How to plug it?

    The vacuum caps are a rubber cap that would just go over the top of that fitting. Or another idea is if it unscrews at the bottom or wherever the threads are you could put a ziplock bag over the hole and screw the fitting back in, the bag would stop the aeration if it doesn't tear when you...
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    Intex air jet valve... Why? How to plug it?

    I have the old style that's smaller on my pool. You could measure the OD of it and find a vacuum cap (you should be able to find them at Auto parts store) that fits it snugly and use that. I'm assuming this is the suction side?
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    Dirt under stairs

    Give the PVC idea IL_WS posted above, I think that's a great idea. How I get dirt etc from behind my ladder is I use a flower water wand that has a removable head and put a driveway sprayer on it to shoot under/ around the stairs. It works great, and I use it to spray the seams on my intex...
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    Can I use intex sand filter with summer waves in wall filter?

    Instead of getting the conversion parts listed above it might be about the same price or cheaper to get the Hayward skimmer and eyeball and hard plumb the new Intex filter and SWG in the pool. The only thing I might be worried about is if the Summer Wave pool skimmer is larger than the Hayward...
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    Rectangle mesh pool cover

    Sounds like a good idea if you have problems with debris getting in the pool. Just a quick search turned up this for leaf net pool covers. LEAF NET COVER
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    Best Salt water generator AGP 21,000 gal

    Thanks for the link on the timer, I already have one for the pool but might upgrade to that style.
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    Tricks for draining the last 5-6 inches of water...

    The pump you linked to looks more like a permanent mount pump with 1 1/2' pvc outlet. I would suggest one that hooks up to a garden hose for ease of use. It also looks like that model has a float switch on it. Not sure how much water it will leave in the pool before it turns off. I used a...
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    Deck mounted ladder help

    You could also put stainless tee nuts under the deck so the screws anchor in them instead of the wood.
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    UV protection for rim of Intex Above Ground pool

    On our old pool we had the same thing happen. I have heard of people putting pool noodles on to protect the top rail. I was going to attempt to put the 3M clear vinyl bra on my old one but we bought a new one before I was able to try it. The old one was almost like fiberglass was getting in...