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    New Northeastern Pa Build

    Looks fabulous!! You did a great job there.
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    Mesa Arizona New Build! Help

    For the kind of dirt you get in the desert, in-floor is the way to go. I’m at my house in Mesa an average of six weeks per year and the pool is ALWAYS sparkling clear. I have service once per week and it’s a salt pool with a chlorine generator cell, variable speed pump, and a cartridge filter...
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    This one is for me....

    So what did you do AFTER lunch? 😀
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    Need suggestion/opinion on pool design

    I think putting a seven foot well in the middle of your pool will get old in a hurry. Seven foot is too deep to stand in and too shallow to dive. You’ll have to swim each time you go back and forth in the pool. I’d put the seven foot depth adjacent to the cabana, the most logical jump-in point...
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    Polymeric sand or self-leveling sealant on expansion joint?

    Neither SikaFlex or Sonneborn products should stain travertine. Some Sika products aren’t recommended for prolonged chlorine exposure (5ppm) and some Sonneborn products in white don’t hold color under UV exposure. Whatever you decide, read the literature before deciding on a purchase.
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    Teribble's Vegas OB Pool / Spa

    Great pool! Great back yard! Enjoy.
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    We have a hole in the ground! New O/B in Queen Creek, AZ

    Pool looks great. With all that new landscape rock, it’s time to start nightly scorpion patrols. (Black light flashlight and a propane torch). Scorpions are included in the delivery free of charge 😀.
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    New Pool Build in Apache Junction AZ

    Looks amazing!! What is your plaster color? Enjoy that pool and gorgeous view. I’m about five miles west of you at Elsworth & McKellips. My view is of Pass Mountain, but I’ve always loved the Superstitions.
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    This one is for me....

    I’ve never used MDF crown moulding. I hate the dust and it’s hard to cope without chipping.
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    This one is for me....

    You do nice work Brian. How do you find working with fypon crown moulding as opposed to wood? I’ve never used it, but I’ve got some long runs in the new house, and wood products get crappier every year.
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    This one is for me....

    Good choice on opening up that wall. Now you’ve got a clear shot from your recliner to the front door. Somebody busts in, they’ll never know what hit ‘em.
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    New Owner/Builder Pool - NorCal

    Really nice! Congrats!
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    #yolo_az New Build!

    Wow! That looks great!
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    This one is for me....

    Can you make the roof free-standing? Wouldn’t change the HOA definition of an accessory structure so their requirements don’t change. Would the city’s requirements change for the better?
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    This one is for me....

    Can you take care of your shear requirements by using a wide flange between posts with welded moment connections at the top of your posts instead of relying on your footings?