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    Pool & Spa Build - DFW - North Richland Hills

    Tongue and groove ceiling and wall are about done. Thinking beams and back wall stained to match the house posts but keep tongue and groove ceiling a more natural looking with a clear stain? Still not sure…
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    Pool & Spa Build - DFW - North Richland Hills

    Decking is pretty much done. Waiting for a few pieces to come back from getting the drainage slits hydrojetted in. Things are coming along and getting easier to see the finish line!
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    Pool & Spa Build - DFW - North Richland Hills

    Not 100% sure, but I think just the sand joint is fine.
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    Pool & Spa Build - DFW - North Richland Hills

    Decking started today!
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    Pool & Spa Build - DFW - North Richland Hills

    So today they added the coping to the side and back of the pool, not a fan of how it goes from a rectangle to the deeper square-ish size on the side and back. Once grouted will it be noticeable? PB said they could do two rectangle ones but then would have double the joints. Not sure which...
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