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    Pro series vs normal

    Our pump quit too, just after two seasons on that pool, but for the price we paid we got our moneys worth. We decided to go with Intex after reading reviews from and watching YouTube videos about the pool, this is our second year and its doing great. SOOO glad we decided to go with...
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    Pro series vs normal

    I had the summer escapes 12x36 for my kids. They outgrew it pretty quickly we decided to get a bigger pool and I done alot of research and decide to get the ultra fram as it had the depth we was wanting with that being said the ultra frame liner is alot thicker and like the previous posts said...
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    Best way to stabilize a wobbly ladder?

    I don't have the type of pool you have, I have the 22x52 Intex ultra frame but anyways you could try some stakes over the bottom legs of the ladder maybe 2 on each leg in the front would hold it down and make it easier.