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    Now that I haven't spent all my $ at the pool store - hangers for brushes/nets for above ground

    The sun is one reason that I want to put them on the side of our pool ... as they will be more shaded on the one side of the pool than where we currently have them stored.
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    Extra precautions when power washing?

    Will do! It's gonna cool off next week too, so may bump up the chlorine a little since we won't be swimming.
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    Extra precautions when power washing?

    I'm planning on powerwashing our deck ... maybe not this weekend since there is of course rain in the forecast ... but since my pool is sparkly I don't want to get junk in it! So, do you take precautions when powerwashing? or just try and power wash away from the pool? My hubby thinks I am...
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    Mothers Day Gifts-pool related

    My hubby is buying me new umbrellas and chairs for the deck =)
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    What did you do to your pool today?

    Slam is finished, pool is open - although a wee bit chilly for me at 76* ... Cleaned up the deck ... this weekend I want to powerwash the deck and get new umbrellas ... although since my water is beautiful I am a wee bit nervous about getting junk in it with powerwashing! I don't have a pool...
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    Been a fan of TFP for a while ... but been away!

    Yes - NC is beautiful ... but we try to keep that a secret! It is growing fast enough =)
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    Now that I haven't spent all my $ at the pool store - hangers for brushes/nets for above ground

    Tis the problem with being a TFP person ... now that my water is super clear ... I've been on google and youtube ... both can be dangerous places for a pool owner! Anyway ... Looking for a way to possibly hand the brush/poles/nets over the side of our above ground pool. Has anyone DIYed...
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    TF-100 refills, CYA reagent, and My SLAM!

    Party all day and party all night! LOL ... just kidding ... I'm not 20 anymore! Party until 9pm! haha!
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    TF-100 refills, CYA reagent, and My SLAM!

    Last summer I never thought I would see the water that clear again! So glad I didn't give up! And that I learned about those dates on the chlorine bottles! That tidbit alone has saved me a huge headache!!
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    Bleach, Chlorine Tablets, and Pristine Blue (Oh My!)

    There are a lot of people that use other methods, go to the pool store, and in general enjoy their pools. The TFP method is about knowing why and what you need to add to your pool to keep it looking great, instead of going to a pool store to have them make suggestions. I live a good distance...
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    TF-100 refills, CYA reagent, and My SLAM!

    Slam is officially over! Water is super clear! I can finally give the pump a break!
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    "Quality" chemicals vs. Chemicals at Menard's (or anywhere else)

    Your test kit will arrive soon, and I am absolutely no expert, but I would start reading here ... start with "pool school" link ... and if you have questions about pool equipment and what you have/don't have ... take pictures of things and post them here. This forum is a huge resource of...
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    Optimum pool saga continues need help

    Definately be the squeaky wheel ... throughout the process! Take lots of pictures and ask lots of questions!
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    TF-100 refills, CYA reagent, and My SLAM!

    Later testing ... FC 9 CC 0 PH 7.5 TA 50 Did not recheck CH ... CYA - added stabilizer for 30 yesterday I see swimming in my future!!!