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    Intex pool and Deck

    Looks nice. I did decide on an L shaped deck in order to get to the pool equipment/filter, etc. Thanks!
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    Intex pool and Deck

    Hello, For anyone who has installed a deck around their intex pool.... I am wondering how hard it is to get to the legs to check for rust and in the future, if something happens to the liner or if the legs are rusty how hard is it going to be to replace the pool with the deck around it? I am...
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    Hello from Texas!

    We had a 14 foot round intex pool several years ago. Now planning on getting a larger, 24 foot rectangular one, planning a deck, some fencing. Just want to cover all the bases since this is a more expensive pool and we want things to go as planned. fingers crossed.
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    Has intex quality dropped?

    Wow, nice setup with the galvanized pipe and wood! I would never be able to that myself. I was wondering if someone has sprayed the intex pipes with Rustoleum galvanizing compound spray to help prevent rust? We had an ultra frame pool several years ago, the ground wasn't completely level so...