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    Flow director

    The part came with the vac. The vac itself works fine other than not being able to get to part of the pool bc of the return flow pushing the hose, we just can’t figure out how to get the flow director into the return. Thank you!!!
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    Flow director

    We got our pool up and running here in Texas last weekend. The Pentair Vac came with a flow director which is desperately needed bc when ran on high the return is stronger than a hot tub. We can NOT figure out how to get this flow director on. In every set of directions I’ve found it lists the...
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    Best automatic vacuum for above ground pool

    I have a doughboy 18' above ground pool. I currently have the no longer in production Kreepy Krawly. It is constantly getting stuck and misses huge spots. What say you fellow above grounded? What's the best above ground pool automatic vacuum out there?