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    Problem with algae growing behind pool lights

    I have an issue where green algae grows behind my pool lights. I have no issues with algae anywhere else, the pool is crystal clear and well balanced. I pull the lights out and clean them but a month or so later you can start to see it again. The algae mainly forms on the pool wall where there...
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    Is my SWG cell worn out?

    Thanks, I will try this. Must it be liquid or is granular ok too (Calcium Hypochlorite with no added CYA)?
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    Is my SWG cell worn out?

    Ok here are some results. Chlorine went up yesterday, pool cover was off all day. went from 4 at 8am to 5 at 6pm on a cloudy day, then down to 4 at 6.25am this morning, so a loss 0f 1 overnight. I want to repeat the OCLT as I tested not long after the SWCG turned off so would like to test again...
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    Is my SWG cell worn out?

    Thanks for the ideas, I will begin with an OCLT and will come back with this. To answer your questions: * Yes it is a G25, CRAD_oz what formula do you use to calculate 3.3ppm/hr? * 7 down to 4 over 3 days with the output at 95% approx (1 day the cover was on all day), I don't turn it to 100%...
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    Is my SWG cell worn out?

    The FC level in our pool is dropping, I have the SWG turned up to almost 100% but it cannot keep enough FC in the pool. Over the last 4 days it has gone from 7 down to 4 The pump and SWG are running 10 hours each day The pool is being used almost every day There is adequate salt in the pool...
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    How often do you brush your pool?

    I have a concrete tiled pool and brush it once a week, I don't have a robot but in the future I would like one to lower the amount of manual cleaning needed. I listen to a weekly podcast that runs for around 18 minutes. I haven't been able to get my pool brushed and manually vacuumed before the...
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    pH is not increasing

    I must get around to testing my fill water. Thanks for the reply
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    pH is not increasing

    Yes just the grout in between the tiles. Certainly not complaining, just trying to learn and understand as everywhere you read talks about pH constantly increasing and I am not experiencing that.
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    pH is not increasing

    The pool plaster is certainly not new, the pool is 25 years old The test kit is also quite new bought in June, however I also have an old 4in1 test kit that I inherited with the pool, I sometimes use this for the pH test only as I find it easier to read the pH test with this kit and I like to...
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    pH is not increasing

    From everything I have read and been told the pH in SWG pools always increases and you use acid to lower it to keep it in the range. The pH in my pool has not notably increased in over 2 months. It sits happily at 7.6 and barely increases. Every time I test it it reads 7.6. It *may* have been...
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    Is this algae?

    Thanks, I will try this and see how it goes