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Thread: Android App

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    Android App

    Not sure if this is posted anywhere here, but I was looking for a Pool Calculator App (I see there's an Apple one), and found this Android one: ... IucG9vbCJd

    How does it look to you guys?
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    Re: Android App

    Hard to say how it calculates the values unless the person that coded it could vouch for it.

    It could an evil app designed to turn your pool green!
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    Re: Android App

    SimplePool is an app developed by a forum member.
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    Re: Android App

    Interesting, as "Pool Pal" has "TFP" as a recommended levels.

    I do use SimplePool though, as it syncs between devices and other stuff!
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    Re: Android App

    Quote Originally Posted by tcat
    Not sure if this is posted anywhere here, but I was looking for a Pool Calculator App (I see there's an Apple one), and found this Android one: ... IucG9vbCJd

    How does it look to you guys?
    I think it looks perfectly paradisiacal in a peculiar way

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    Re: Android App

    I found that Pool Pal's calculations were slightly off from the Pool Calculator. I haven't liked any of the apps available to Android, so I just bookmarked PoolCalculator in my phone's brower. Little more annoying to use, but I'd rather be accurate.
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    Re: Android App

    Big fan of Pool Pal by Pirates Love Bacon.. Many of my pool friends wish there was something like it for IOS any ideas.. the main feature that is the best is the ability to track.. I have put in my reviews of Pool pal a desire to support the developer in some way because he or she is AWESOME.
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    Re: Android App

    I like pool boy pro. It's not bad.
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    TFP Guide

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    Re: Android App

    I use pool pal. It matches pool math on here. You have to make sure you set your configurations first though.
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    Re: Android App

    I use poolmath in my browser on my android. works great.
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