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Thread: blocks under intex ultra frame pool

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    blocks under intex ultra frame pool

    I put 12x12 concrete blocks under my intex ultra frame pool. An now that the pool is full a few of the edges of the blocks can be felt thru the liner. Will the edges tear or cause a hole in the liner.

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    Re: blocks under intex ultra frame pool

    They could possibly abrade the liner. You want the top of the block level with the sand, and the edge back as far as practical from the liner edge.
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    Re: blocks under intex ultra frame pool

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    Eventually, they probably will wear through. I guess you should just try to avoid stepping in that area. Have a patch kit available.

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    Re: blocks under intex ultra frame pool

    Yea that's what I was afraid of. Do you think there is anyway to fix it with out draining the water

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    Re: blocks under intex ultra frame pool

    i jacked mine up with a floor jack...... u will not want to actaully lift the leg, but just enough pressure to move your block. if its the 7,000 gallon model, it will strain your walls and could tear them, so i would make sure u really think u need to do it.....i had to do this last year with the 15 by 42"deep model. it seemed to work well, however i would be very nervous to attempt with anything bigger. i had to jack up one of my post the other day, its the 20 by 48"deep model with big grey poles, and the jack was straining to move it, and the pool was only half filled....i stopped and just lived with that issue....
    i just grabbed a 2 by 4 and put on top of jack, then raised it up to the "T" connection....
    again u can not lift the pool by this one pole u are jacking up, just enough to be able to move your shouldnt take much at all, cuz there are alot of poles.....
    ONLY DO THIS IF U ARE EXTREMELY WORRIED ABOUT THEM. otherwise i suggest u drain and refill.

    or, if u have someone u can call for help, u may try this too, have them lift up on that pole towards the top where the T connector is and u can move the block a lil at a time....they will not be able to hold the pole up, but if u have them lift a couple times, maybe that could work....

    another important thing, like Ohm_Boy stated, those blocks must be level with ground the pool is sitting on.....just look at my sig below....i was using 2by6s that i sanded the corners down on to help keep pool level and also keep my poles from sinkin into my foam base i had installed under the pool...... i didnt realize that the foam was crushing and causing my pool to dip in the middle, so my sweet supports that i made where actaully causing my liner to tear cuz they where jacking up the sides of the pool....i left them above the ground.....
    if u are using the blocks and they are above the ground, drain your pool fast, my last 3 only lasted about 3 days....jsut long enough for me to dump in the salt i needed to start my SWG......which was another 33 bucks per pool.....
    Intex AGP, 20ft x 4ft deep, 7,761 gallons(per side of box) Intex SWG, cartridge w/filter style pump(upgraded to 2,500 gph pump!!!! ).....3rd yr of this, just when u thought u figured it out, u fill 4 pools in 2 weeks..

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