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Thread: Phoenix and RO

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    Phoenix and RO

    Purchased new house. Of course CH and CYA is high (950 and 140). I was looking at maybe doing RO. I heard of Aqualabz Ecoklear but no one there will return my call. Anyone know of someone else or will I have to drain this winter?
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    Re: Phoenix and RO

    Interesting, i have the same issue. Here is the email I got from aqualabz. They told me 1700 gallons a day loss. I wish my softener was plumbed to my pool, I'm going to find out why it isnt and what the reason is. Maybe someone here can help us figure out why not.

    Thank you for your interest in our Ecoklear water restoration service.

    The Ecoklear machines are designed to remove excess TDS, including calcium, and CYA (stabilizer) that will build up in swimming pools over time. Below is some basic information about our service.

    Some of the advantages over draining a pool:

    -Can save a significant amount of the original pool water

    -Can be done all year round

    -In some cases, the final pool water will be better than tap water

    2016 EcoKlear Pricing:

    $325 for all pools under 25,000 gallons

    Additional fees

    *Pools over 25,000 will be charged an additional $50 per every additional 5000 gal.

    *Pools outside of our normal service area will be charged an additional $30 out of area

    fee. These areas are typically on the outskirts of the Phoenix metropolitan area, including Anthem, Cave Creek, Carefree, and the far East or West Valley.

    General Service Information:

    -Pricing includes all chemicals used to rebalance the pool at the end of the service. We test and balance the following and leave them in the ideal range as listed below:

    -Chlorine 2 - 5 ppm

    -Calcium 200 - 400 ppm

    -TDS 400 - 1600 ppm

    -Total Alkalinity 80 - 120 ppm

    -CYA (Stabilizer) 30 - 70 ppm

    -pH 7.3 -7.6

    IMPORTANT: we only test and rebalance the chemicals listed above. If you have a salt water pool, the Ecoklear service will remove a significant amount of the salt. You and/or your pool maintenance person will need to test and rebalance the salt level at the end of the service.

    -Process takes anywhere from 3 – 7 days depending on how many gallons we need to service and the

    initial CYA, TDS and Calcium levels

    - We can generally save between 50% – 85% of the pool water.

    - There must be a sewer trap or some other appropriate place to drain the waste line. Approximately

    1700 gallons of water will be lost in the waste line per 24hr period.

    -Pool cannot have algae at the time of service

    -We mail before and after data along with an invoice after the process is completed. Payment is due

    upon receipt of invoice (check or credit cards accepted).

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.


    Kirsten MacLeod

    HiTek Aqua Systems, LLC

    480-894-8164 (direct)

    480-966-2635 (fax)
    19K IG Pebbletec with attached spa. 60sqft Cartridge filter, Intelliflow VS, 399k BTU Gas Heater, Pentair IC40. Phoenix, AZ, full sun.

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