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Thread: high PH , low Alkalinity

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    high PH , low Alkalinity

    pool size is 105k gallons. Ph is 8.2 and AK is 70. Chlorine is 4.0. Question is what is the proper way to balance, should I treat PH and see where AK goes or is there a better way?
    I have been asked to become the certified pool operator for the local Elks Lodge and I am new to pools. The pool is 105k gallons, in North Texas. Measures 75' x 40' x 24' depth is 11' to 5' It has an automatic clorinator, 1 pump for the skimmer and two pumps for main drain. I run all pumps for 8 hours a day. I plan to do this all winter. We must replaster the pool before we open in Spring and we are looking at Epoxy instead of plaster.

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    Re: high PH , low Alkalinity

    Welcome to the forum.

    I would read "The ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry" up in Pool School. That'll give you some basic information on pool management.

    Your pH should be kept in the 7's always. I would lower pH with muriatic acid. The AK (I assume you mean TA........see definitions in Pool School) will also come down but you can adjust that back up with baking soda.
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    Re: high PH , low Alkalinity

    Are there regulations about public pools in Arlington? You need to make sure you are following those before you deviate. Some municipalities have regulations particularly about CYA ppm and other levels.
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    Re: high PH , low Alkalinity

    Plug all your numbers into poolmath and set your target pH. It will give you a dose based on the pH and TA. Then scroll down to the bottom to Effects of Adding Chemicals. Input the dose of acid there. The pH reduction won;t be an exact match, but close, but the TA reduction has always been right on the money in my experience. That should give you a close approximation of what the new TA will be.

    Also be aware that if pH reads 8.2, there's a good chance it's actually higher than that, but you've reached the limits of the test kit.
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