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May 3, 2011
North SF Bay Area, CA
Here’s ours - they just did startup today so I’m not sure if the color will change much at all, but we love it!

Blue granite pebblesheen. Lots of pics, different lighting and close up vs overall shots. Hope this is helpful to someone!

Ours is also Blue Granite Pebble Sheen. Here are a few photos from empty (steps), filling, and then before (green) and after (blue) a metal sequestrant.


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Jan 7, 2019
I started this thread (thanks @kimkats)to help with the toughest decision of the process for me (other than deciding to dig the hole in the first place). I went with StoneScapes Mini-pebble Tropics Blue. This color includes some Abalone Shell in its standard recipe. I did not add anything extra.

I will say that I think the colors I see throughout the day are a lot of reflection. The majority of the day it’s clear and crisp and a good medium blue, in the late afternoon I get a lot of tree reflection and, well trees are green so I can see them at different angles. In the evening it is exactly what I was looking for. A deep rich blue.

This is a sports pool at 4’/5’-6”/4’-6”. Pics are at approx. 7:30pm, central Texas.



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Sep 15, 2018
Seminole, FL
Pebbles Sheen Blue Granite... 2 weeks after fillup. I'm having trouble getting the colors to look "true" in the pictures. It's honestly not as bright blue as it appears in the "deep end" picture, but it's blue enough for us, and we like it. :)

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Aug 13, 2019
Rockwall, TX
Crystal stones Caribbean blue. Still in the first two weeks of getting chemicals right. Sandy beach pebble on ledge.



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Nov 16, 2019
Melbourne, Florida
Here is PMM Freestone series Tahiti:

There are several spots that are splotchy. the builder is draining and doing an acid wash check out my other thread if you want to see that.



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Oct 5, 2019
Gulf Breeze, FL
Here is my addition for Super Sheen Mystic Blue. The shelf is around 13", the shallow end is 4', and the deep end is 8'. These are all in full sun and less than a week after startup, so the color may change slightly. I also have 15 lbs of abalone that was hand broadcast. I've included a spa pic as well.

What kind/color of pavers are those?
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Feb 7, 2020