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Apr 24, 2019
It’s beautiful

We have tinted plain plaster (tinted with Diamond Brite). The mixture is: 1 bag DB Onyx, 4 bags white cement, 7 bags marble dust per batch. They used 3 1/2 batches for our 27K gal. pool for reference.

Note: Tinted plaster is a cheap way to get color but is subject to mottling, which we have and really enjoy for it's character. I call our pool color Poor Man's French Grey.

Cloudy, dark background:

Bright, sunny:

Bright, sunny:



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Oct 22, 2018
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Apr 28, 2019
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Wet-Edge Signature Matrix "Picasso Blue"
Pics include: Sunny day early morning, and nighttime with all WHITE LED lights on. (p.s. - those ripples at night are the water surface, not in the plaster. :)

First pic is the actual color before water was added...

View attachment 94384View attachment 94379View attachment 94380View attachment 94381View attachment 94382View attachment 94383
Do you like the feel of the Signature? We are looking into Signature Tropical or Laguna Blue.


May 3, 2011
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Here’s ours - they just did startup today so I’m not sure if the color will change much at all, but we love it!

Blue granite pebblesheen. Lots of pics, different lighting and close up vs overall shots. Hope this is helpful to someone!

Ours is also Blue Granite Pebble Sheen. Here are a few photos from empty (steps), filling, and then before (green) and after (blue) a metal sequestrant.


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Dec 20, 2014
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I was extremely concerned the pebble would destroy my kids feet like my previous pool, which was finished with plaster did.

From my research, I learned the smaller the pebble, the smoother the finish. I also learned that adding glass beads would help to make it smoother as well. Fortunately, I was able to get the glass beads at cost through the installer and therefore, got 8 bags. My kids and I love the texture. So far, no tore up feet. I am extremely happy with the decision and would do it all the same if I had to do it over.
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Aug 24, 2017
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Hi everyone. Figured I would show a few different things since I never owned a pool and was clueless about color water change and such so maybe this will also help someone else when they do their build out.

Diamond Brite: Super Blue. White base plaster with colored quartz pieces.

Finished plaster. You can see the quartz isn't through yet. So it's looking pretty white still.
Untitled by Jim, on Flickr

Fill color. Just to show how it will change.
IMG_8632 by Jim, on Flickr

Few days later. See how it changed already.
IMG_8660_HDR by Jim, on Flickr

Shade/Sunny Day Pic:
IMG_8848_HDR by Jim, on Flickr

And just to show how clear your water will be after winter opening using the TFP method!
IMG_8894 by Jim, on Flickr
you're pool is beautiful. We are in the process of building our pool. It's will have a vinyl liner, thought one day I dream of one like yours! What did you use for coping?


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Jun 20, 2016
you're pool is beautiful. We are in the process of building our pool. It's will have a vinyl liner, thought one day I dream of one like yours! What did you use for coping?
Thanks! I used pavers. They r from Hanover pavers. Tumbled finish. I figured might as well start weathered since they will wear as they age anyway.
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Jan 7, 2019
I started this thread (thanks @kimkats)to help with the toughest decision of the process for me (other than deciding to dig the hole in the first place). I went with StoneScapes Mini-pebble Tropics Blue. This color includes some Abalone Shell in its standard recipe. I did not add anything extra.

I will say that I think the colors I see throughout the day are a lot of reflection. The majority of the day it’s clear and crisp and a good medium blue, in the late afternoon I get a lot of tree reflection and, well trees are green so I can see them at different angles. In the evening it is exactly what I was looking for. A deep rich blue.

This is a sports pool at 4’/5’-6”/4’-6”. Pics are at approx. 7:30pm, central Texas.


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